Who is Johnsun and how did he move from TSM to FlyQuest?

By Nicholas James


Dec 25, 2021

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Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen is one of few native North American marksman players who has managed to climb into the LCS from lower levels of play in recent years.

Starting in Academy in 2019, Johnsun has proven himself as a talent able to stand toe-to-toe with some of North America’s best players when at his best. Johnsun spent the latter portion of 2021 in Academy and seems to be on an upwards trajectory. So who is Johnsun, and what can fans expect from him in the LCS through 2022?

When did he start pro play?

The first professional outing for Johnsun came in 2019 on North American titan TSM’s Academy roster. Johnsun became known for his traditional marksman play. A steady laner, he could gain small advantages in lane and convert that to strong edges for team fights.

Some fans might have recognized him from the Tyler1 Championship Series in 2019, a tournament hosted by Twitch superstar Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp. He made his way to the semifinals as a member of team No Clue alongside another Academy-to-LCS graduate in Niship “Dhokla” Doshi.

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Two years later he spent the 2019 summer split in Academy on TSM, placing fourth. The very next split was when he moved his way up to LCS play as a member of the 2020 Dignitas roster. During this year, Johnsun would climb four separate accounts into the top 20 ranks of North American solo queue. He would prove to be a middle-of-the-pack AD carry before eventually moving to FlyQuest in 2021 after dropping from the first round of the summer playoffs.

FlyQuest Johnsun returns to LCS

After competing in Academy and Proving Grounds to close out the year, he was promoted back to the LCS roster in November. Heading into 2021, Johnsun has fierce competition in the bot lane with new imports for multiple teams, the position has only gotten more competitive. Fans can catch him when the LCS returns on January 14 for the LCS Lock In tournament.


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