Who is Dan Clancy? Twitch’s new CEO

By Melany Moncada


Mar 21, 2023

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Former Twitch President Dan Clancy is taking over the CEO role, the announcement came after Emmett Shear made public his departure.

Shear took everyone by surprise with his sudden resignation, which was welcomed by a significant part of the community. Shear is leaving the role in a platform that is never short of controversies. Whether it was because of the content Twitch promotes, or the policies on revenue split, Twitch streamers were unhappy with Shear’s performance.

“He cares deeply about the Twitch community, its streamers, and our staff, and understands what makes Twitch, Twitch,” Shear wrote in a blog post.

While Shear’s message is full of hope, the community is not happy with Clancy’s promotion. Clancy is one of the defenders of the 50/50 revenue split on Twitch, an unfair condition that prevents minor streamers from growing on the platform.

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Back in October, JakenBakeLive, winner of the 2023 Streamer Awards, shared his opinion about Clancy.

“I’m gonna be honest dude, the President of Twitch. I have no problem personally with him, but honestly, I don’t feel confident as a streamer on the platform with someone who is that out of touch with what the streamers need and want. I walked away feeling, like, depressed,” said the streamer.

Dan Clancy starts Twitch tenure with massive layoffs

Clancy is not only facing distrust from the community but also the internal issues at Amazon. The CEO sent out a memo to the staff at Twitch, announcing 400 employees would be let go from the company.

Those 400 are part of the 9,000 layoffs announced by Amazon CEO Andy Jassy.

Clancy is shaking things off, and it might not be for the best. Every day, more streamers are looking for alternative ways to create content and escape the unfair revenue split. Some creators have moved to YouTube, while others have opted for the controversial Kick,


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