Dallas Galley Twitch

Who is Dallas Galley, the simp Twitch mod?

By Olivia Richman


Jun 3, 2023

Reading time: 4 min

The streaming community has been left appalled after Dallas Galley, an alleged Twitch mod, candidly shared an uncomfortable interaction he had with a female content creator.

In a recent stream, Galley chatted with random men at the bar about his experience as a Twitch mod for several female streamers. But instead of discussing what it takes to keep chats safe, he discussed what happened when he met one of the female streamers in real life.

“I met a girl, who’s a streamer. I went up to her, I hugged her, and I c— in my pants,” Galley told the guys.

“Wow…” one man answered.

The other said: “I think you need to get laid a little more often.”

They then asked him if she was “super, duper, duper hot,” joking that it would be forgivable if that were the case. Galley told them that she was, indeed, super, duper, duper hot.

Aside from the inappropriate behavior during the interaction, the streaming community was also chilled at how nonchalant Galley seemed about admitting something like this. Most men would be embarrassed to reveal this kind of thing, leaving many to wonder about his behavior patterns.

Why is Dallas Galley known as Twitch’s biggest simp?

One reason that Galley may not be ashamed to tell the world something so uncomfortable is that he’s already infamous on Twitch for this kind of behavior. In fact, he’s been dubbed “Twitch’s biggest simp” after the streaming community realized how often he was interacting with popular female content creators on the platform.

He became so popular for his awkward behavior that he was given his own documentary by YouTuber Built Different. The video described him as a “27-year-old virgin,” going over his weird internet behavior and then taking him to a strip club.

The video starts off with a bang. Galley claims he met streamer Lisa “STPeach” Vannatta and ended up “j—ing his pants” after hugging her. He said this happened to him another time when he was drunk at a TwitchCon party. He was unable to hold back when a “bunch of girls” started dancing against him.

Again, the worst part has been his seemingly nonchalant attitude about his creepy and awkward social interactions. He even told Built Different that it was “like a firehose,” not seeming ashamed at the alleged accidents he’s had.

Is Dallas Galley a virgin?

Galley has claimed that he’s a “virgin by choice.” He explained that he had a girlfriend for 10 years, but they never had sexual relations because she allegedly demanded they could only have intercourse without a condom. He also refuses to engage in self-pleasing activities. Galley continued to say that he also won’t get in bed with just anyone who offers.

YouTuber Charles “MoistCr1TiKaL” White wondered why he had made his entire brand about it if he’s allegedly not participating in it by choice. He has even gone as far as to claim he wouldn’t sleep with any of the streamers he constantly thirsts over on Twitch and Twitter, which confused Moist even more.

Dallas Galley responds to backlash

As people continued to become more aware of Galley and his Twitch presence, he was featured in a video by MoistCr1TiKaL. That video now has 2.2 million views, so it’s safe to say that Galley and his discharge have become a bit infamous in the past few days.

In response, Galley decided to stand up for himself on Twitter.

“I get it, everyone sees me as a bad person. But honestly, the people who are toxic and obsessive over who I am as a person and my interests in life are the real bad people,” he wrote. “News flash: I’m a grown man, not a kid, and have no shame in my embarrassing moments in life. I own up to it.”

The reactions to his tweet were mixed. While some agreed that it was good to be honest about who you are and said he didn’t deserve people going after him, others tweeted that he should “get off the computer” and was being self-destructive. One person even told Galley that there are some things that are meant to be private, saying he was just making himself sound creepy.

For now, Galley hasn’t faced any real consequences from Twitch and beyond for his confessions.