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Which region is TSM going to after leaving LCS?

By Nicholas James


May 21, 2023

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TSM has announced its departure from the North American professional League of Legends scene, departing the LCS, but which region is TSM going to?

TSM has been synonymous with the North American League of Legends since the beginning, but that’s soon to be no more. The organization announced that it would be moving from the LCS to another tier-one region, ceasing LCS operations. With only three valid options to choose from, where does it seem most likely that TSM will set its sites?

Which region is TSM going to?

TSM has three choices if it wants to migrate to another tier-one LoL region, Europe’s LEC, Korea’s LCK, and China’s LPL. The two candidates that seem most likely for TSM to migrate to are the LEC and the LPL. The LEC holds some potential value to TSM as another English-speaking region familiar with their presence in League of Legends. Several franchise slots seemed to have uncertain futures in late 2022, so it’s possible TSM is looking to scoop up one of those spaces to begin building a European roster.

The most likely candidate, it seems, is China’s LPL. Unlike other regions, China’s premier division houses 17 teams, which far exceeds the 10 in North America and Europe.

TSM has tried to lean into Chinese-speaking teams previously, even importing players and staff from China. With these connections already in place, it seems likely that TSM wants to be a part of the largest region. China’s player population, talent pool, and audience size eclipse any other region, so there’s a straightforward logic to the choice. TSM will have the most opportunity to grow in the largest region, so the LPL seems to be the most likely candidate.

Nothing is set in stone right now, but with little to point towards the LCK, the LEC, and LPL are leading the pack as the most likely targets for TSM’s next home following its controversial exodus from North American League of Legends.


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