LeBron James stream

Where will LeBron James stream?

By Olivia Richman


Dec 30, 2023

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NBA star LeBron James is thinking of streaming Madden, but where will he broadcast his content? The top streaming platforms are hoping it will be them.

LeBron James is considered one of the best basketball players of all time and has a ton of fans across the world. On Twitter, LeBron said that he’s been thinking of live streaming while playing Madden but questioned which streaming platform he should pick — and they all want the famous icon on their roster.

Twitch and Kick fight for LeBron James

The initial reaction to LeBron James’ streaming idea was excitement over watching him play sports games. Said one fan: “What a time to be alive.”

But the question remained: Where would he stream?

Kick co-founder and controversial streamer Tyler “Trainwrecks” Niknam took the opportunity to tell LeBron to “stream with us.” Adin Ross added to the request with: “Come to Kick. I’ll get you a bag, my glorious king.”

Twitch saw Kick’s response and decided to also jump into the fray. CEO Daniel Clancy said that he may be “biased” but said Twitch is the “best platform for engaging with your fans.” He also suggested that LeBron stream on Twitch and YouTube.

The reason that the choice may not be super obvious for LeBron is his celebrity status and large amount of existing sponsorships. With large brands like Nike and Samsung endorsing him, LeBron has to be careful where he streams and what type of content he creates. Kick is largely associated with gambling and a lack of moderation, so it may not be the best bet despite the hype fanbase.


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