Where to find the Guardian Shield in Fortnite and how to use it

By Nicholas James


Jan 4, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

The Guardian Shield is a brand-new item that’s been added to Fortnite Chapter Four, here’s how to find it and the best way to use it.

Fortnite Chapter Four has brought a totally new island to the battle royale, including tons of new locations, characters, items, weapons, and more. As always, Fortnite consistently updates its inventory of items with old items that are unvaulted as well as brand-new additions that switch up the pattern of the game. The latest item that’s been introduced to Fortnite is the Guardian Shield, a piece of mobile cover that players are able to use as a means to protect themselves and their teammates in the heat of battle. Here’s where to find it and how to use it to your advantage.

What is the Guardian Shield in Fortnite?

The Guardian Shield is one of several medieval-themed items that have been added to Fortnite as a part of Chapter Four. The Excalibur Rifle and Shockwave Hammer were the first two, with each wildly altering the metagame of how players approach the new map. The Excalibur Rifle is hard to hit and has a small magazine size, but offers immense damage for a single shot, with both the initial impact and subsequent explosion dealing the same amount of damage. The Shockwave Hammer is a massive displacement tool that also serves as a core part of the new chapter’s mobility. The Guardian Shield is a similarly paradigm-changing item, a shield that creates a large energy barrier that blocks incoming fire.

It can be used in one of two ways. The user can throw it down to provide a temporary shield in a static position, or can opt to hold down the fire button to keep the shield stuck with them, moving as they do. It has a limited duration that recharges when not in use, so it’s best to be discretionary about when you activate it unless you want to be caught with a low shield battery.

The Guardian Shield can be found in the Oathbound chests scattered throughout the map, as well as on the ground just like any other piece of loot. While it can be useful in solo play, the Guardian Shield seems to truly shine when used in Duos, Trios, or Squads. As NRG content creator Aussie Antics pointed out on Twitter, allies of the player using the shield are able to fire through the back side of the shield at enemies on the other side. This is the best use of the shield, allowing teams to make use of its incredible defensive properties while still fighting adversaries. When used correctly, there are very few items that can be as powerful as this new defensive field.

There aren’t currently any Augments in the game that interact with the Guardian Shield, but new upgrades seem inevitable this season, so a shield-focused upgrade isn’t out of the question. For now, fans are still figuring out exactly how this new tool fits into the game, but it’s already shaping up to be a massively influential addition.


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