The best Fortnite Augments in Chapter 4 Season 1

By Nicholas James


Dec 14, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

The new Augment system has changed how Fortnite is played, allowing you to upgrade your playstyle throughout a match, and the best Fortnite Augments in Chapter 4 can completely change the game.

The Augment system Fortnite is a fantastic new addition to the game, giving players the ability to choose between game-changing abilities to customize exactly how they want to play. Here’s our list of the best Augments early on into Fortnite Chapter 4, and an explanation of exactly why each one offers you a unique advantage. If you haven’t unlocked some of these, don’t worry, it’s a known issue.

The best Fortnite Augments in Chapter 4


The Bloodhound augment makes your marksman rifle and bow shots ping your opponent, outlining their position for you and your team to see, even behind terrain or cover. This is a fantastic Augment in the new season, especially given the increased mobility from Shockwave Hammers. Hit one shot, and you’re able to hit your opponent through foliage or track them behind cover.

Soaring Sprints

Soaring Sprints is a mobility-focused Augment, allowing you to leap higher and further when sprinting. Especially in No Build Mode, any additional mobility is a huge deal, allowing you to outpace your opponents and take angles of escape and attack that they can’t follow. Soaring Sprints has an incredible player skill cap and the more you learn to use it, the better it gets.

Light Fingers

With the new Twin Mag SMG, Machine SMG, and Tactical Pistol taking over firefights, Rushing Reload has become one of the best Fortnite Augments available. Rushing Reload allows you to reload weapons that use light ammo much faster, meaning you’re able to easier outpace opponents’ damage in close quarters by dumping bullets down range. It’s simple, but Rushing Reload does lots of work in savvy hands.


Another mobility Augment, Aerialist, allows you to redeploy your glider, letting you take leaps off of terrain and buildings that would normally kill you and turn it into massive lateral mobility. If you’ve ever been trapped on a high building as the circle closes, desperately sprinting down the stairs to get to ground level, Aerialist solves that issue for you.


Information is king in Battle Royale games, and the Forecast Augment allows you to see where the next storm circle will be. This is likely the single best augment in the game, allowing you to make positioning decisions with information opponents might not have, and letting you get to the next circle first to avoid pushing enemies who have already set up a position.

Storm Mark

When the Storm Circle changes, you’ll ping the area around you and reveal any enemies if you have the Storm Mark Augment. This is a fantastic Augment when you’re pushing an un-scouted position or already involved in a fight as the storm circle changes. Just like Bloodhound, it gives you positional information on enemies that allows you to take the fight to them in ways they won’t expect. In combination with Forecast, this augment can carry entire matches to victory.

Tricked Out

Vehicles can be a drag in Fortnite, with those that lack upgrades slowing you down rather than speeding you up. Tricked Out automatically adds a Cow Catcher and Offroad Tires to any vehicle you’re in, allowing you to hop from vehicle to vehicle with ease, never having to worry about abandoning the vehicle you already spent upgrades on. Tricked Out might not carry games, but it’s an excellent utility Augment that’s especially useful in team play, where your allies can take other Augments.

More Parkour

Another mobility Augment, More Parkour makes your stamina regenerate after climbing or mantling over obstacles. Just like Soaring Sprints, this allows players to chase down or run away from opponents that simply aren’t available to those without the Augment. When combined with other mobility Augments like Soaring Sprint or Aerialist, More Parkour can make you run circles around less-upgraded opponents, who will be left eating your dust as you out-position and outmaneuver them. This is especially true in No Build Mode, where no building limits your mobility already, so more mobility can be paramount to winning fights in and around buildings.

Rifle Recycle

Medium ammo is certainly the most-used type of ammunition in Fortnite, and if you’re playing with teams, you’ll often find several members running low as the match goes on. Rifle Recycle helps alleviate this issue by making medium ammo-using weapons have a chance not to consume ammo when shot. This is more of a quality-of-life change than anything absolutely world-shaking, but you’ll notice its effect over the course of an entire match. Keep your ammo close and an eye on your stash and you’ll see exactly how useful it is to reload slightly less often and have to loot much less.


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