Where to find all items for Vault of Waves in Palia

By Melany Moncada


Sep 13, 2023

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Vault of Waves is a quest in Palia that will have you finding all kinds of objects to complete it.

Palia is a cozy life simulator that combines simple life tasks with magical elements. In Palia, players will assist Jina as she unveils the mysteries of the ancient ruins in the region.

Vault of Waves is one of the quests that players must fulfill to advance through the game. Players must collect a series of items and turn in these bundles. The quest requires some exploration of the region.

How to unlock the Vault of Waves Palia quest

Vault of Waves is the fifth quest in the main storyline. To access it, players must complete all previous four quests. The initial four quests unlock needed tools. For example, Like a Bird unlocks the use of the glider.

Once you complete the Echoes of the Unknow quest, return to the temple where Jina will be waiting. She will then assign you the Vault of Waves quest.

Vault of Waves quest Palia

Where to find all bundle items for the Vault of Waves quest

The quest starts in the Night Sky Temple. Here, players will find the Ancient Vault. Upon interacting with it, the Ancient Vault will show a fish constellation with four points. Each point requires a bundle that consists of four different items.

The different items can go from common to rare. Completing all of the bundles requires time and some luck.

There are four bundles in total.

Beach Bundle

  • Blue Marlin: Can be caught with worms on the coast of Bahari Bay.
  • Green Pearl: Obtained by opening closed oysters, there is only a 3% chance of finding a Green Pearl.
  • Stripeshell Snail: Can be caught at night on the coast of Bahari Bay. The Stripeshell Snail also grants silk threads that can be used to make silk.
  • Sushi: At any pond, using glowworms, catch the Sushi Recipe. The recipe will explain what ingredients are necessary and the preparation method.

Freshwater Bundle

  • Giant Goldfish: Available in the ponds of Kilima and Bahari Bay. Can be caught using glowworms.
  • HydratePro Fertilizer: Can be purchased at Zeki’s store. Alternatively, can be prepared after buying the recipe from Badruu.
  • Inky Dragonfly: Available on the rivers and ponds in Bahari Bay.
  • Trout Dinner: Can be found in Einar’s Cave. Players require the Einars Key to access the cave which is granted after reaching friendship level three.

Magic Bundle

  • Fisherman’s Brew: The recipe can be bought for 1,000 coins from Einar. Players must have a level five fishing skill.
  • Enchanted Pupfish: Can be caught in the shore of Kilima using glowworms.
  • Long Nosed Unicorn Fish: Can be caught during the day on the coast of Bahari Bay.
  • Shimmerfin: Can be caught on the shore of Kilima using normal worms.

Spooky Bundle

  • Garden Mantis: Can be found in the Kilima’s lake.
  • Mutated Angler: Only available on the pond in the Pavel Mines. Can be caught with worms.
  • Vampire Crab: Can be caught in the evening or night in the Flooded Fortress in Bahari Bay.
  • Void Ray: Only available on the pond in the Pavel Mines. Can be caught with glowworms.


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