Hades 2 is now available in early access on PC

By Fariha Bhatti


May 6, 2024

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Hades 2 is now available in Early Access and it’s already making waves. 

After a two-week technical test, Hades 2 is now available for everyone to play. The exclusive technical test was playable by a select few players, and it still managed to impress critics and casual fans alike. However, the technical test had limited gameplay, but that won’t be the case in Early Access of Hades 2, which begins on May 6. 

Supergiant has packed Hades 2 with a wealth of playable content, missions, and villains, ensuring players will have plenty to keep them engaged for a substantial period. 

“The game already has at least as much content in Early Access as the original did back when it launched in Early Access on Steam. And, even though Early Access inherently means a game is not yet complete, we have done our best to ensure Hades 2 will be worth your while as soon as you play it,” Supergiant said. 

Set in the Underworld of Greek myth after the original game’s events, the game focuses on the Titan of Time, who has escaped his imprisonment in the depths of the Underworld to wage war on Olympus. Instead of Zagreus, his sister Melinoe will be the main protagonist, fighting against Hecate, a Greek goddess. 

All of this and more will be available in the Early Access build on May 6, but the developer plans to add more content upon the game’s official release, which is still unknown. But, according to critics, Hades 2 in Early Access feels like a complete game. 

Hades 2 platforms

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Hades 2 will be available on Steam and Epic Games through the end of 2024. Players can also play it on SteamDeck. 

Now would be the best time to purchase Hades 2, as according to the developer, the prices may go up based on the quantity of the content. Currently, Hades 2 retails at USD $29.99.