Where are the Halo rings in the new Halo show?

By Nicholas James


Mar 29, 2022

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The titular Halo rings haven’t yet shown up in the live-action adaptation on Paramount Plus, so where are the Halo rings in the Halo show?

The Halo rings are ancient artifacts created by the fallen stellar empire known as the Forerunners, enormous synthetic rings with atmospheres and landmasses running along the inner side. These rings collectively form a last resort superweapon capable of wiping out all organic life in the galaxy. The UNSC and combined forced of humanity don’t appear to have found any of them in the show’s Silver Timeline, so here’s what to expect from the Halo rings in the new Halo show.

Will there be Halo rings in the new Halo show?

The Halo rings appear to still be hidden throughout the galaxy at the outset of the new Halo show, undiscovered by both the alien Covenant and humanity’s United Earth Government. The mysterious artifact retrieved by Master Chief and Silver team from nearby the rebel outpost on Madrigal may hold the location of one of the titular Halo rings. The Covenant’s attack on Madrigal seems to have been meant to retrieve this Forerunner device, likely to have its function translated by the new human Covenant loyalist Makee.

If neither the Covenant nor humanity know about the Halo rings in the Halo show, that discovery is set to rock the Silver Timeline’s canon when one or both come across the Halo installations. Many of the show’s plot differences from canon are being set up as key elements of the new universe’s story in the first season of the new Halo show.

What is Master Chief doing in the new Halo show?

Master Chief is going rogue in the new Halo show, fleeing a UNSC base on Reach after the Forerunner artifact disabled its defenses and disappearing into space. The artifact has been shown to be affecting Master Chief’s memories, and potentially implanting information on the location of a Halo ring seems like a logical way for the show to introduce the ancient weapons.

The artifact holding the location of a ring would also explain the Covenant’s obsession with it. Only a human may be able to interface with the artifact. Makee’s holy status as blessed by the Covenant’s Forerunner gods would fall into place here, as she seems to have previously interfaced with Forerunner technology.


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