When is the Worlds 2023 Finals?

By Nicholas James


Oct 29, 2023

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We’re out of Swiss stage and into Knockouts, so we’ve got all the info about the upcoming matches and the Worlds 2023 finals.

Worlds is the biggest event of the year in League of Legends esports, every single year. 2023 is no different, and fans the world over have their eyes on the Knockout stage. This eight-team, single-elimination bracket will determine who wins the World Championship, and here’s the schedule.

Worlds 2023 Knockout Schedule

The Worlds 2023 Knockout Stage will begin with Quarterfinals, a mirrored-seeding of all eight teams that advanced from the Swiss stage. The only advantage for higher-ranked teams is that they will be seeded into matches that pit them against the lowest-ranked teams to advance. These are the quarterfinals teams that will compete for a chance to see the Worlds 2023 finals stage.

The last eight undefeated teams are NRG, WBG, GEN, BLG, JDG, KT, LNG, T1.

NRG vs WBG – November 2, 2023 – 1 AM PST

GEN.G VS BLG – November 3, 2023 – 1 AM PST

JDG VS KT – November 4, 2023 – 1 AM PST

LNG VS T1 – November 5, 2023 – 1 AM PST

Semifinals come after, with each of the winners of the Quarterfinal matches advancing to face another winner. There is no double-elimination in Knockouts, you lose and you’re out.

Semifinals Matchups: November 11, 12, 2023



Finally come the Worlds 2023 Finals, also known as the Grand Finals. As it sounds, the Grand Finals pits the only two undefeated teams in Knockouts against one another to fight for the Summoner’s Cup and LoL’s greatest competitive glory. The finals will take place on November 19, 2023 at 12 AM PST.

That’ everything you need to know about the Knockout stage and about the Worlds 2023 finals schedule. We hope to see you there for these exciting matches!


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