When is Valorant Night. Market

When is the Valorant Night. Market returning?

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 24, 2022

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Valorant players may want to start saving money. The Valorant Night. Market date has finally been revealed for players to cop cheap weapon skins. 

Virtual items in shootesr can cost an arm and a leg. While Valorant skins are cheaper than those available in other first-person shooters, they can still put a strain on your wallet. Riot Games has introduced a couple of options for players to snag affordable skins. For example, Prime Gaming items and battle pass content.

But players want the premium items that come with hefty tags. Enter the Night. Market.

What is Valorant Night. Market? 

Premium skins can be bought off at a cut-price from the Night. Market. The Valorant thrift store goes live every two months or so, meaning it’s coming soon.

The shop features weapons at cheap rates that otherwise cost big bucks. Premium and select tier skins bear a discount of up to 50%. This discount allows players to buy plenty of skins for the price of one premium gun. The select tier skins are the easiest to buy as they’re already pretty cheap.

It’s no wonder players wait for the Valorant Night. Market to cop the expensive, exclusive skins. 

When to get discount skins in Valorant

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The next Valorant market will go live on April 7 and run till April 20. The date may vary across different regions. 

Valorant Night. Market doesn’t appear randomly and instead follows a schedule. This plan entirely depends on Riot, but there’s a pattern. Last December, Night. Market arrived on December 10. The next one came on February 11, which means that Night. Market is coming soon.

So far, there have been nine markets. Most of them appeared after approximately the gap of a month and a half. Going by this pattern, this month’s Night. Market should appear anytime at the start of April.

Keep your eyes on the main menu. A shiny new tab featuring cut-price skin should be added in approximately two weeks. From here, players can buy their favorite skins at a discounted rate. The shop will disappear after a limited time, so be quick with your shopping. This Act’s Night. Market would be unique as Riot has rolled out plenty of new guns

In order to get variety, players can shop the showcased skins. The card will switch to a different weapon, expanding your options as you keep buying. At least two premium skins will make an appearance, so there is a high chance you’ll get a nice skin on sale.