Valorant Night. Market

When is the next Valorant Night. Market?

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The latest Valorant skins are pricey, extravagant, and tempting. But fret not, Valorant Night. Market is coming soon and it comes with some cut prices.

In 2022, Valorant has over 25 skin bundles that include innovative designs for all guns. However, some of these skins are fancy enough to empty out your entire wallet. Riot Games introduced Night. Market in 2020 to make these pricey weapons affordable for all.

The thrift store for guns brings all these weapons at cheap rates once in a while. 

Valorant Night. Market returning soon

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Valorant Night. Market should arrive around in the second week of February. A shiny new tab should appear on your main menu screen between February 10 and the 20th. Instead of spending money on the latest bundles and regular market items, players are recommended to save up their Valorant points for this moment. 

When Night. Market arrives, it brings six skins at reduced prices. Riot Games rolls out the thrift store after a gap of one month, but the dates can still vary. So when is the next Valorant Night. Market? We can’t be sure of exact dates but we can predict.

The schedule entirely depends on Riot, but there’s a pattern. Last December, Night. Market arrived on December 10. The next one came on February 11, which means that it is coming soon. So far, there have been eight markets. Most of them appeared after approximately the gap of a month and a half. 

So, prepare your wallets because six skins will go on sale soon. Riot has already rolled out fresh new skin bundles that are expensive and tempting. The market will be the last chance to grab these skins at cheaper rates. Those who’ve been looking for premium skins at reasonable rates should keep their fingers crossed. The market now includes at least two premium cards for different weapons. 

How long will Night. Market be up in Valorant?

Night. Market stays for almost two weeks, which is enough time to buy multiple skins at a lower price.

Players must shop for whatever they want within this duration. The six cards can be rotated, but players must purchase the skins to load more guns. New guns would appear in the shop once old ones have been purchased.