When does the TI 2023 Battle Pass end in Dota 2?

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TI 2023 is over but the battle pass has yet to end. Just how long do you have to claim all those loading screens?

Dota 2 invented the battle pass as we know it, but this year’s version is a considerable break from tradition. It’s entirely dedicated to the tournament, with very little to offer for players uninterested in the esports side of things. However, it still packs quite a few goodies between the permanent voice lines, various loading screens, and a real Aegis statue.

If you’ve been waiting to pick up everything you want from this year’s battle pass, we have a deadline for you to do so.

T1 2023 Battle Pass end date

The end date of the TI 2023 Battle Pass appears to be November 16, 2023. On that date, players will no longer be able to purchase levels for the pass.

While Valve has not directly confirmed that date anywhere, the in-game client notes that November 16 is the final day to purchase levels for the event. It would make sense for the battle pass to end on that date as well.

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That means that players have just under two weeks to stock up on the various esports-related items available. However, not all of them will stick around for the long run. With that in mind, what items from the TI 2023 Battle Pass are permanent?

What items stay after the end of the TI 2023 Battle Pass?

The majority of the lootbox content from the TI 2023 Battle Pass will remain in your inventory after the end of the event. That includes the event and team loading screens, player stickers, voice lines, HUD skin, and sticker capsules. Unopened capsules can be opened after the event, but they will have no use beyond simple cosmetics.

As for what goes away, the biggest thing is the teleport effect. This applies to the coveted level three version that shows off your favorite team. In addition, all battle pass tools like the challenge tools and fantasy rolls will no longer function. 

For those who want a truly permanent souvenir, the TI 2023 Battle Pass still offers the chance to claim a miniature replica of the Aegis of Champions. This tiny trophy is available for players who contribute 300 levels toward the reward and submit a shipping address to Valve.

These items can become quite valuable over time, so consider it a way to recoup some of your investment in the Dota 2 esports scene.


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