When do Bastion and Torbjorn return to Overwatch 2?

Fariha Bhatti • October 21, 2022 9:03 am

Blizzard has revealed that Bastion and Torbjorn are off to Junkertown, but they’re returning soon. 

Overwatch 2 is still riddled with bugs. The developer was kind enough to reward players with freebies for dealing with hiccups, but the game keeps hitting a snag. Most recently, Torbjorn and Bastion were disabled due to critical glitches, and soon Junkertown was pulled out of the game following FPS drops. It’s quite a mess, but Blizzard has assured everything will be back to normal soon. 

When do Bastion and Torbjorn return? 

Bastion Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s turret-related heroes Bastion and Torbjorn have been gone for over ten days. But, according to the developer, both heroes will rejoin the roster on October 25. For now, Blizzard’s VP has revealed that the DPS heroes are hanging in the ruined, disabled location, Junkertown.

“We have temporarily disabled Junkertown in all queues due to a bug that was causing graphic performance issues. Our goal is to re-enable the map, along with Torbjorn and Bastion, with our next planned update on October 25,” Blizzard said.

This means Bastion and Torbjorn will be back in a few days after staying in the workshop for 11 days. So, along with two heroes, Junkertown will also return to Overwatch 2. 

Why was Junkertown disabled? 

Junkertown ran into a game-breaking bug, causing FPS and performance issues for players within the map. So the developer disabled the location to dig out the root cause and patch it up. 

On October 19, players discovered a bugged piece of an asset in the attacker spawn of Junkertown. Trolls could shoot at this spot to mess up the FPS of all players within the location. It doesn’t matter how far from the spawn you are, the glitch ruined the game for all. Even those with high-end rigs experienced a significant drop in FPS, sometimes even under 100. 

This led to an instant disable for Junkertown. However, the developer is now actively working on the glitched scrap in the attacker spawn as Junkertown also returns in the next Overwatch 2 update. 


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