When are Pokemon TCG Online servers shutting down?

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Pokémon TCG Online is shutting down, but your cards don’t have to vanish into thin air.

The Pokémon TCG was one of the first card games to embrace online play. The Online client first launched in 2011, and it has enjoyed more than a decade of constant updates and parity with the tabletop version. However, Nintendo announced plans to shut down the game in 2022 as part of a transition to a newer client.

Here’s when Pokémon TCG Online servers will be shutting down and what you can do to protect your collection.

Pokemon TCG Online is shutting down soon

Pokemon TCG Online servers will shut down on June 5, 2023.

Until then, players can still access their accounts and play the game online with other players. Access is limited to players who already have the game on their computer, as the desktop and mobile apps were taken down on March 5, 2023. Players may still be able to play offline modes for the app even after servers shut down, but Nintendo has not confirmed if that will be the case.

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The Pokémon Company has chosen to shut down the service as part of a transfer to Pokémon TCG Live. The newer service will become the only official platform to play the Pokémon TCG on the internet. Players are encouraged to migrate their accounts before Live officially launches on June 8, 2023. That means a three-day gap to build anticipation for the new system. 

Players who transfer their Pokémon TCG Online account to Live will keep their card collections after servers start shutting down. However, not all of their cards will be playable until future Live updates. The official website lists that cards from the Cards from the XY and Black & White series will be transferable but cannot be played until they become officially supported later.


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