What’s the World’s Smallest Violin Challenge in Valorant?

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 20, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players have found a new pastime, and it’s addictive and entertaining. The World’s Smallest Violin Challenge in Valorant isn’t just a TikTok fad but it may actually help with the aim. 

Aim training is crucial for ranking up in Valorant. For this purpose, Riot added a customizable range in the game that assists players in practicing in a customizable setting. Among many other options, the range also allows players to practice aim-centered agent abilities such as Chamber’s Headhunter, Jett’s Blade Strom, and more. But, this new challenge proves that practice isn’t all the range is good for. 

Players have discovered a new way to showcase their crisp aim. The World’s Smallest Violin Challenge in Valorant pushes players to land headshots with Jett’s knives in the range. 

world's smallest Violin challenge

How to do the World’s Smallest Violin Challenge in Valorant

In the world’s smallest Violin challenge, players must complete a kill target in range with Jett’s Blade Strom. The tricky part is that all kills must be headshots and synchronized with the music. 

“World’s Smallest Violin” is a song from 2021 by AJR, but it recently became popular in the gaming community after Valorant players whipped up a viral trend out of it. The music starts slow and picks up speed, eventually ending with a chaotic beat that’s hard to follow. While it’s a fun song to chill to, it’s tough to keep up with for players boasting mediocre aim.

Jett’s Blade Strom is the trickiest ultimate to control so landing headshots with increasing speed is no easy feat. However, players are doing a pretty good job. Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, who’s known for his wild practice regimen, also tried the challenge on ultra-fast speed and missed only two beats, prompting more players to try the challenge. 


While it may seem like a silly thing, the World’s Smallest Violin Challenge in Valorant may be helping those who participated. In range, landing headshots with Jett’s ultimate isn’t easy. Players may feel drastic improvement in-game after doing double or triple takes to get the perfect video. Many skilled Valorant players have previously recommended switching to Jett’s Blade Storm from weapons in range to polish aim. 

So far, hundreds of players have jumped on the World’s Smallest Violin bandwagon. So, if you suddenly come across cracked Jett players in your ranked games, you have a TikTok trend to blame.