What’s the average rank in Dota 2? Player chart reveals all

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 12, 2021

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The average rank in Dota 2 may be lower than you think.

A new graph has been released through Chinese social media that claims to reveal the exact distribution of ranks in Dota 2. The chart does not specify exact MMR, instead grouping players by medal. Based on this information, the most common rank in Dota 2 is Crusader 2, which is around 1800 MMR. 

In addition to the average rank distribution, the chart also shows the number of inactive and unranked accounts in all of Dota 2. It is possible for players to drop below their medal’s required MMR, but maintain it for a few losses below the required rank. The original poster gave very little additional information about the stats shown, which are likely pulled from the Dota 2 API.

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What rank is considered good in Dota 2?

Going purely off of this chart, any player higher than Crusader 2 is officially an above-average ranked player in Dota 2.

Dota 2 players’ definition of “good” can change wildly depending on who you ask. For those who only consider Divine and Immortal players to be good, only 329,034 players in the entire world would fit that description.

Before Dota 2 had medals, every player had a specific number that represented their matchmaking rank. Players divided themselves up into chunks of roughly 500 MMR. That era of ranking spawned dozens of stereotypes such as the 2k scrub, 4k scrub, and 6k scrub. Some players still use such nomenclature to this very day, as there’s no rank too high for one player to tell another how bad they are at the game.

The truth is that Dota 2 players have gotten much better at playing Dota 2 as the game has matured. Proper creep pulls, split pushes, and rotations were almost unheard of in low-ranked pubs in 2014. Now even lesser-skilled players understand these advanced mechanics. As more efficient strategies are discovered, they slowly trickle down to Dota 2’s average MMR player base. The high-profile esports circuit and educational content community have certainly helped.


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