What will the Worlds 2022 skins be?

By Nicholas James


Nov 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

DragonX and T1 are facing down in the Worlds 2022 finals on November 5, but what could the eventual winners pick as the Worlds 2022 skins?

The winners of the World Championship each year are memorialized by Riot Games with customized skins for the champions of their choice. The main restriction is that the players have to have played the champion that they pick for their skin within the course of their victorious World Championship. So, heading into the Grand Finals, what champions are available to be picked this year?

A full list of the available champions for Worlds 2022 skins

The following champions are the currently available picks for each starting player on T1 and DragonX heading into the finals. This year’s Worlds skins will include a Prestige skin for one of the champions in addition to the usual one-per-player.



Zeus’ available champions for possible winning skins are Aatrox, Camille, Fiora, Gangplank, Gragas, Jayce, Jax, and Yone.


Oner’s available champions are Graves, Lee Sin, Nocturne, Poppy, Sejuani, Vi, and Viego.


Faker’s eligible skins include Lissandra, Azir, Akali, Galio, and Viktor. Faker has also played Ryze this year, but he already has a Ryze skin for winning Worlds, so it’s unlikely that both Faker and Riot would make a second.


Gumayusi can pick from among Ashe, Aphelios, Kai’Sa, Lucian, Kalista, Varus, Sivir, and Xayah.


Keria’s Worlds 2022 skins picks can be any of Alistar, Heimerdinger, Nami, Renata, Yuumi, Soraka, Tahm Kench, and Thresh.



Kingen shares many picks with Zeus, with his champion pool consisting of Camille, Aatrox, Fiora, and Gragas, as well as Ornn, Gnar, Maokai, Sejuani, and Sylas.


Pyosik has already indicated in DRX’s video content that he’d like to make Kindred his skin if he wins, but he could also pick Graves, Maokai, Poppy, Sejuani, Vi, or Viego. But given that his name literally translates to “Mark” to reference Kindred’s mark, that’s almost certainly his pick.


Zeka has plenty of available champions to pick from, with standout performances on Akali and Sylas in particular. While those two are certainly his most iconic, he could also make a skin for Azir, Galio, Ahri, Orianna, and Yone.


Deft’s miracle run at Worlds is shaping up to be legendary, his available champions are Ashe, Caitlyn, Draven, Ezreal, Kalista, Miss Fortune, Varus, Sivir, and Tristana.


DragonX’s support Beryl has played so many champions this year, he practically deserves two skins. Beryl’s played champions are Amumu, Heimerdinger, Braum, Lux, Yuumi, Rell, Ashe, Lulu, Renatam Karma, and Tahm Kench.


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