Fortnite Frature Event art

What will the Fortnite Fracture Finale Event be?

By Nicholas James


Dec 2, 2022

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We’re one day away from the Fornite Fracture Finale Event, which launches on December 3 at 4pm ET. But what is going to happen when 2022’s chapter closes?

The most recent season of Fornite has involved the mysterious arrival of the Chrome to the island, taking over vast swaths of land, converting livestock, buildings, vehicles, and even weapons to brand new forms. With the mysterious final event of the season, dubbed “Fracture,” coming out on December 3, what can fans expect?

What will the Fortnite Fracture Finale Event involve?

After the defeat of IO in the previous season, Fortnite’s island stepped into a happy-go-lucky celebration with the introduction of Paradise, a reclaimed island safe from the clutches of IO. However, that peace didn’t last for long and soon the Chrome began to take over patches of land, introducing an alien new threat to Fortnite.

Now, with the Fracture event, that looks to be coming to an end. But what can fans expect next?

The Fracture event trailer plays up exactly what its name sounds like, slowly cracking glass and art depicting portions of the island being wrenched up into the air by the same Chrome twisters that have been plaguing the map. This second clue, as depicted in the end of the Fracture event trailer, tells us the most likely scenario for the event.

It seems likely that the Chrome Twisters in Fortnite are going to go into overdrive for the Fortnite Fracture Finale Event, ripping up portions of the map and completely rearranging, and perhaps destroying, enormous chunks of the map. Epic Games have shown how committed they are to keeping Fortnite’s environment and gameplay fresh, and this art seems to indicate how they plan to do it.

There’s also a brief clip of many Fortnite character firing guns towards the camera and an unseen foe, but it’s unclear if the Chrome is going to manifest yet another champion for fans to fight during the finale event, but it’s certainly possible.

Until it launches tomorrow, nobody can know for sure, but it does seem likely that many points of interest on the island are going to uprooted and thrown to the winds.


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