New Fortnite Chapter finale event Fracture announced

Nicholas James • November 14, 2022 8:19 pm

The new Fortnite Finale Event for Chapter 3, Season 4, has been announced with the title Fracture, to take place on December 3, 20 at 4 pm ET.

Fortnite has made an active effort to have every new season of the game feel unique. Season three, Chapter four has involved the mysterious Chrome trying to infect the island. This story arc is coming to its presumably climactic conclusion on December 3 with the Fracture event hitting live servers.

Fortnite finale event Fracture coming on December 3

The Fortnite finale event was announced on the official Twitter page of the game. The image is a simple text banner showing the word Fracture with thematic fracture lines running through it, and the oily tones of the island’s mysterious Chrome infestation in the background. Nothing’s been confirmed, but it can be assumed that the Chrome storyline will be winding to a close as a part of this event, paving the groundwork for the next chapter of Fortnite.

Fortnite finale events like Fracture often bring massive changes to the map, and the name Fracture certainly seems to lean into that idea. It’s very possible that fans could see the Fortnite map broken apart into separate sections, only a few of which will remain. Named locations changing on the regular is part and parcel of Fortnite’s regular updates, so not all of this season’s locations should be expected to survive the event.

The Fracture Fortnite event will take place on December 3 at 4 pm ET, so fans eager to see how this chapter in Fortnite concludes should make sure they can be online in that timeframe. Usually Epic Games likes to end its chapters with huge setpiece events that break the usual pattern of Fornite games, and this should be no different.


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