What is a Valorant badge and how do you get it?

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 1, 2022

Reading time: 1 min

Valorant players can now flex their best agents and K/D on social media accounts. Here’s how you can create your custom Valorant badge. 

After each game, Riot tallies your overall performance and posts stats in bold. However, there was no easy way to get official ratings on each agent in the game besides third-party websites. Now, players can check out their individual stats and flex them on their friends and foes. Valorant badges are a new trend that lets players dig deeper into game history. 

Valorant badges are unique for each player, with stats on the particular agent they have played regularly in the last 30 days. The emblem will include all information from K/D, rounds, agent win rate, headshot accuracy, and rank. 

How to get your Valorant badge 

Getting your own Valorant badge is super easy, and it helps discover your best agent in the game. While you can unlock as many as 21 badges, the game only tallies stats for agents you have actively played. So, if you didn’t play Sova in the span of 30 days, Valorant won’t load up his badge. 

Valorant badge

Here’s how to get your Valorant badge:

  • Go to Riot’s official Valorant badge page
  • Click on create your badge
  • Sign in with an active Valorant ID
  • Click on the red continue icon
  • Hover on the agent you have actively played
  • Select and continue
  • Pick your favorite color for the border
  • Click on save and share

During the badge creation process, you will see an option to hide your Riot ID. Uncheck that box to have your Riot ID hidden on the badge to keep your identity safe. The game will generate a shiny new badge, ready to be shared across your socials. In addition, you can create more badges on your favorite Valorant agents to look at stats in a cool way!