Inquisitor Ghost

What happened to Inquisitor Ghost on TikTok?

By Olivia Richman


Oct 12, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

A popular Call of Duty cosplayer and TikToker known as Inquisitor Ghost has allegedly taken his own life. The aftermath unfolded on a TikTok Live, leaving fans horrified and concerned.

The cosplay community has been sharing emotional TikToks of Inquisitor Ghost after the cosplayer took his own life during a TikTok Live. Now fans want justice, claiming he was driven to end his own life over allegedly false grooming allegations.

What happened to Inquisitor?

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Earlier in October, Italian cosplayer Inquisitor Ghost was accused of grooming minors. Fans claim, however, that a younger video editor was attempting to get a response out of him but continued to fail until Inquisitor jokingly said “I could marry you” over a good video edit.

The grooming allegations had Inquisitor go radio silent on TikTok. That is, until he did a TikTok Live earlier on Monday, October 9. Now, his account has disappeared from the video platform.

Inquisitor Ghost TikTok Live leaves fans horrified

In his final TikTok Live, fans immediately noticed that the comments were turned off. On screen, they could see an empty room with a window late at night.

While it seemed like nothing was happening at first, it soon became clear that someone was trying to smash through the window. Then, it looked like the person was performing CPR on another figure.

In Italian, the woman who broke into the room kept yelling for help. She eventually asks for an ambulance after someone else in the video claimed he was “hanged here.”

After this horrifying exchange, many believed that Inquisitor had died, but nothing has been confirmed so far. However, fans have already started fearing the worst, sharing videos in his memory.

For now, nothing has been confirmed and fans are left shocked at what unfolded in the Live. Many are creating videos in his memory, waiting for answers.