What happened to Crumbz, and why did he leave the LCS?

By Nicholas James


Dec 10, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Alberto “Crumbz” Rengifo won’t be appearing on the LCS desk in 2022 and many fans will be wondering what comes next for the League of Legends personality.

From professional play to a stint in the Overwatch League, Crumbz has left his mark on the esports scene over many years. Where did Crumbz start his career, and where is he going in the future?

Crumbz’s time as a pro League of Legends player

Crumbz’s first venture into League of Legends came as one of the earliest waves of professional players. Crumbz played his first event in 2011 as a jungler for team Epik Gamers, eventually transferring to Team Curse and Dignitas over the course of 2012. Crumbz competed in the earliest North American professional league splits as a member of Dignitas.

His last professional event was IEM Cologne in 2014, where he and Dignitas would be eliminated by Gambit. From there Crumbz’s spent some time in the LCS Challenger league with the Renegades organization. This was a short-lived stint, and he retired before transitioning to casting and analyst work. Shortly after his retirement and moving to the casting desk, Crumbz announced that he would be joining the Overwatch League as a caster.

Crumbz goes to Overwatch League and back to the LCS

Crumbz spent time building up the Overwatch League, but was one of many talents to leave the OWL during a large exodus of esports talent in 2019. He subsequently returned to LCS and Academy broadcasts as an analyst and eventual regular member of the LCS broadcast desk.

Ahead of the 2022 LCS Spring Split, Crumbz announced his second exit from LCS. Given his veteran status in the League of Legends scene and a proven versatility across multiple esports titles, there would seem to be many opportunities out there for Crumbz. This most recent offseason has seen talent shuffles on teams as well as the broadcast desk, with Crumbz being the latest in a long list of League of Legends names who will be finding new homes in 2022.

Crumbz has yet to announce what’s in store for him in the new year, and it could be anything from coaching to content creation.


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