What happened in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood season 1?

By Steven Rondina


Jan 25, 2022

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Looking to watch DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 2 but need a season one recap to know exactly what’s going on? We’ve got you covered.

Dota 2 is a game with convoluted lore. It’s so convoluted that it includes every actual game of Dota 2 that has ever been played as a canonical part of the story. Yes, even that game you might have played with your friends last night or a year ago. That’s all a part of Dota 2’s story.

Though an animated series might have cut out some of this, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood encompasses a broad range of topics and hits basically every high fantasy beat there is. There are wars of succession, secret societies, embodiments of elemental forces, dragons, demons, and much more. The series has been aging well, but it’s a lot to take in.

It’s only natural that things will need to be sorted out ahead of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 2, so here’s a complete recap of season one.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood season one recap

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood follows Davion and Mirana, who are unwittingly parts of larger battles between Invoker and Selemene, as well as Terrorblade and the Eldwurms.

The demon Terrorblade kills and inhabits the body of the Eldwurm Uldorak, giving him control over lesser dragons. Another Eldwurm, Slyrak, attempted to combat this but was mortally wounded. Slyrak plans to resurrect himself by sending his soul into the body of Davion, but the results are not what either side expected. The tale culminates with Davion being attacked and captured by other Dragon Knights that want to pull Slyrak out of him.

Selemene is the goddess of the moon and is facing two threats to her throne; elven apostates are mounting an army against her and an elf named Fymryn has stolen magical lotuses that are a source of her power. She deploys her army’s commander, Luna, to quell the elven rebellion while moon priestess Mirana looks to retrieve the lotuses.

This doesn’t go as intended. Invoker seemingly brokers a peace settlement that will see Selemene’s forces withdrawn in exchange for the lotuses. Selemene agrees but is ambushed by Terrorblade, who defeats her in battle. It’s revealed that Invoker was working with Terrorblade, but his ultimate goal remains uncertain.

Davion in a tough spot heading into DOTA: Dragon’s Blood season two

Davion the Dragon Knight is the central character of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, and season one largely revolves around him brooding over his seemingly inevitable demise.

The show starts with him finding his way underground into a burrow that houses the Eldwurm Uldorak, the earth dragon. Eldwurms are massive and powerful dragons that are embodiments of major elemental or existential forces in the universe. 

While Davion is doing this, he witnesses a battle between the ember Eldwurm Slyrak and the corpse of Uldorak, which is being inhabited by a demon named Terrorblade who is collecting the souls of the Eldwurms. Slyrak is mortally wounded during this fight but repels Terrorblade with the help of Davion. Slyrak’s body dies, but he transfers his soul into Davion’s body.

From there Davion teams up with Mirana, a princess on the run from her uncle who usurped the throne by killing her parents. They begin traveling together, though Davion’s intermittent transformations into a half-dragon monster threaten both of them. 

Davion and Mirana find their way to Invoker, a powerful mage living in isolation. Invoker brokers a deal with the moon goddess Selemene through Mirana, but informs Davion that Slyrak will eventually overtake his body completely. With death coming quickly, Davion sheds his playboy attitude and tries to find a greater purpose in helping Mirana.

Davion’s fellow Dragon Knights have other plans. The season closes with him being captured and dragged away by his comrades as thety look for a way to pull Slyrak out of him.

Fymryn becomes a central character in Dota: Dragon’s Blood season two

Fymryn is an original character that was created for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. She’s part of a group of elves that were forced from their ancestral homeland due to their refusal to worship the moon goddess Selemene. Instead, Fymryn’s people worship the former moon goddess Mene while labeling Selemene as a usurper.

Despite this, Selemene has a large following of worshippers including Luna and Mirana. Luna is a former bandit that commands Selemene’s armies while Mirana is a priestess and something of a personal attendant to Selemene.

A prophecy suggests that Selemene will fall from power if her lotuses are stolen, which happens when Fymryn uses unique magical powers to infiltrate Selemene’s temple. Mirana leaves Selemene in order to retrieve them, but Selemene is dismissive of the prophecy. That changes when Selemene is visited by Invoker. 

Invoker and Selemene had a daughter a millennium earlier who Selemene let die from a disease. After meeting Fymryn, Invoker takes the lotuses and begins plotting his revenge. He tells Selemene that elves are beginning to rise against her and that her days are numbered. This shakes Selemene’s confidence, prompting her to send Luna to pacify the elves.

Things come to a head when Invoker sends Fymryn with Davion and Mirana to return the lotuses in exchange for Luna’s withdrawal. During the exchange, Terrorblade attacks Selemene and defeats her, with Invoker revealing that he was working together with Terrorblade. This leaves Mirana and Luna powerless, giving the elves a chance to drive them out. 

Davion comes to Mirana’s aid but is captured and dragged away by his fellow Dragon Knights. Fymryn chases after the Dragon Knights to save him, while Mirana and Luna are left to fend for themselves.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 2 is available for streaming now on Netflix.


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