Cody Ko Tana Mongeau

What happened between Cody Ko and Tana Mongeau?

By Olivia Richman


Jun 12, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

A lot of Cody Ko fans were left disappointed in the last 12 hours after finding out that fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau accused the content creator of sleeping with her while she was underage.

Fans of the two YouTube stars speculated that something had happened between the two eight years ago when they appeared to be a bit flirty during collabs. Later on, Tana Mongeau admitted that they had indeed hooked up, noting that she had been 17 or 18 when she slept with a “manipulative” Cody Ko.

More recently, Mongeau has revealed that she was actually just 17, doubling down on the concerning situation that now has fans torn.

Did Cody Ko sleep with Tana Mongeau when she was underage?

In a live taping of Mongeau’s podcast, Cancelled, she shared some pretty revealing stuff about her hookup with Cody Ko. In a viral TikTok, Mongeau jokes that Cody had the “smallest dick” of anyone she’s hooked up with.

As the crowd roared with laughter, Mongeau said: “I can say that. I was literally 17.”

At the time of the hookup, Mongeau was 17 and Cody Ko was 25, making it quite concerning if true. The YouTube community reacted with shock, with a lot of fans revealing that they felt it added up since many people had taken advantage of Mongeau throughout her career. Others said that they didn’t really believe her since she’s been caught in other lies. Some replied that they would believe the woman until there was a reason not to.

It’s very unlikely that Cody Ko will respond to the allegations. He never talked about the situation in the past despite it being brought up by Mongeau before. Now that he’s married with a child he is probably trying to avoid any drama or controversy.