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What happened at Horseshoe Bay with Ice Poseidon?

By Melany Moncada


Sep 26, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino is making headlines for the recent controversy that split the Kick community. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Ice Poseidon takes things too far. One of his worst controversies happened in Horseshoe Bay, Texas.

Ice Poseidon is no stranger to controversies and getting banned from the platform of his choosing. Earlier this month, Ice Poseidon hosted a problematic stream that is forcing Kick to change its approach to the community guidelines.

In this stream, Ice Poseidon gave a man $500 to set up an encounter with a female escort. The streamer allegedly installed hidden cameras around the hotel room to film the event. The woman received a text message warning her about the situation, which prompted her to put an end to the encounter.

Kick is attempting to compete with Twitch by offering a better revenue split and more forgiving community guidelines. Content creators are constantly abusing community guidelines, relying on shock value to increase their viewership.

What happened at Horseshoe Bay with Ice Poseidon?

At his peak as a creator on Twitch, Ice Poseidon invited a group of friends to a resort for a getaway. The group included a young woman by the name of Caroline, who viewers believed to be Ice Poseidon’s ex-girlfriend.

Ice Poseidon kept Caroline’s presence a secret for as long as he could. His community openly hated her and sent threats to her. When the viewers found out about Caroline’s presence, Ice Poseidon switched gears and claimed she was stalking him.

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The streamer went on to abuse Caroline verbally and mentally, who also received hate from Ice Poseidon’s fanbase. Later on, it was revealed that Ice Poseidon lied to keep his viewers happy.

Caroline distanced herself from Ice Poseidon and is now married to a man she met through Twitch. Since then, Ice Poseidon was banned from Twitch and continues to be a bad influence on his audience, now on Kick.