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What determines your division in Valorant Premier?

By Melany Moncada


May 2, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant is giving its players the opportunity to participate in a real competition with Valorant Premier. Because not every player is on the same level, Valorant Premier has a division system.

Valorant Premier is similar to Clash in League of Legends, except it’s much bigger. For a limited time, players get the opportunity to come together as a team and compete in a flash tournament. This new mode allows players direct access to the Valorant esports circuit, truly one of its kind.

To get started, teams must pick a zone that contains a number of servers and will also determine the schedule. The globe is divided into 14 zones, each zone includes a number of servers that will allow players to have a good experience.

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What are the divisions in Valorant Premier?

After selecting the zone, the teams are seeded into a division. There are 20 divisions per zone, and these are based on the average MMR of the top five players in the team. It means the system takes the highest-ranked players’ information first.

It is important to keep in mind the rank of the players before putting together a team. If the team has mostly Gold players and one ranked Immortal, chances are the team will be placed in a division closer to Immortal.

Players do not get the opportunity to change the team’s division, once seeded, there is nothing to be done.

When is the next Valorant Premier tournament?

The next tournament is taking place on May 3. All teams taking part in Valorant Premier are eligible for this next tournament. The format is a simple bracket with teams competing in a best-of-one and a consolation bracket to determine third place.

It is a test tournament that will not impact the standings ahead of the Playoff Tournament on May 21. Once this stage is done, Valorant Premier will return for another phase, this time in July.

The test tournaments are the best way to get familiar with the system ahead of the full launch in August.