Week 9 mission guide for The International 2022 battle pass

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 27, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The International 2022 battle pass week nine is a great opportunity to show off your flashy new cosmetic.

Tons of Dota 2 players have returned to the game to claim their free arcana, but smart gamers can multitask by completing the weekly challenges at the same time. Week nine also marks the final mission guide of The International 2022 battle pass part one, as The International 2022 finally wraps up this weekend.

Here’s how to finish your missions early so you can relax at tune in to the $18 million grand final.

The International 2022 battle pass week 9 mission guide

The International 2022 battle pass week nine missions

As You Like It

It shouldn’t be a shock to see this mission introduce Dota 2 players back into the week. 15 games should be more than enough to claim all this week’s rewards. Just eight is enough to get two stars, which is enough to claim the first tier of rewards. If you aren’t eligible for your free apology arcana yet, this is a great way to multitask while grinding out the necessary ten games. 

Plus One

Double kills are common enough that getting two is feasible in a single game. Racking up 12, however, is trickier than it sounds. This mission only counts exactly double kills, so ultra kills don’t count as two. Almost any hero can get a double kill, but burst carries and mids like Phantom Assassin or Lina may be the best bets.

Workout Your Cores

Last week’s humorously-titled Actually Do Stuff tasked players with winning games as supports, and just as we predicted, the core equivalent is here for week nine. Winning one, three, and five games as a core hero grants stars toward this week’s bonus missions. Check out the heroes tab and click the core trait at the bottom to see all the heroes that qualify for this mission.

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Resistance is Futile

Pure damage is the rarest of the three major damage types, but players will have to scrounge up a ton of it to complete this week’s mission. All three stars require 40,000 pure damage, which thankfully tracks across multiple games. The best heroes at dealing a ton of pure damage are Bloodseeker, Timbersaw, Tinker, and Invoker.


Outposts have gone through dozens of changes in Dota 2 history, and the current incarnation is a powerful objective that grants bonus experience and map control. Claiming 20 enemy outposts will grant three stars this week, but that’s not exactly an easy task. Remember that claiming your own team’s outpost back from the enemy counts. Just have a plan to get out alive after sneaking into the enemy jungle.

Scan The Plan

Scan is often overlooked as a tactical option in Dota 2, but expect to see plenty of it in week nine of The International 2022 battle pass. Scan The Plan grants three stars for revealed three, nine, and 21 heroes with the ability. While it shouldn’t be used willy-nilly all game, throw it on the enemy fountain at the end of matches to score some easy progress.