Week 6 Shattered Web live after Valve mixes up operation cards

By Nick Johnson


Dec 25, 2019

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Week six of Operation Shattered Web has arrived in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but Valve made a bit of a mistake. 

Don’t worry, the client isn’t broken. The game’s publisher just mistakenly announced that Christmas Eve marked the start of week seven of the event, rather than six. This resulted in someone at the company posting the wrong picture and description for the CSGO operation’s sixth week.

Despite the hiccup, Operation Shattered Web will follow the original plan and use the missions for the “Money Isn’t Everything” card path. Notably, week six retains the same missions that were revealed in a data leak last week.

After taking a closer look at CSGO’s file system, WIN.gg noticed several changes and additions, thanks in part to Steam Database. This means that we have the player’s first official look at the Web’s Week six missions list.

Shattered Web Overview for #6

This week, players have a total of six missions to complete on their way to the golden Shattered Web coin and those sweet rewards along the way.

  • “Talk is Cheap” – Get 20 pistol kills in Deathmatch: Dust 2.
  • “Penny Pincher” – Get 2 kills without spending any more in a single Danger Zone match.
  • “Pocket Change” – Get 15 XM1014 kills in Guardian: Bank.
  • “Early Investor” –  Get 2 Pistol round wins in Competitive.
  • “Rising Capital” – Get 25 kills in Guardian: Vertigo.
  • “Long Term Profits” – Earn $100,000 in Casual: Defusal Group Delta.

Week six is the week that puts both eco rounds and anti-eco rounds squarely in the player’s focus. After an entire week’s worth of Negevs mowing down opponents, players should prepare for a majority of player wielding the slightly less conspicuous, if not necessarily quieter, Desert Eagle in Deathmatch as they try to wrack up 20 kills. 

We don’t want to give any hints, but a deathmatch filled with pistols is time better spent practicing the P250, a gun that players will run into far more often than the Deagle. Not everyone can be Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, after all.



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