Shattered Web weekly missions leak, Scarlxrd drops CSGO music kit

By Nick Johnson


Dec 17, 2019

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In today’s patch, Valve added a new music kit while data miners on Reddit have already cracked the list of the next four weeks of Shattered Web missions. 

Valve added a brand new music kit to CSGO this morning by the British rapper Scarlxrd famous for combining traditional trap music with heavy metal. Here’s a look at his latest track, DISSXLUTIXN, released yesterday.

The new music kit is available right now in the in-game store. The kit costs $4.99 for the standard version, while the StatTrak version will run players $7.99.

The kit is a great departure from the usual music kit fare which often focuses on genres other than rap, adding further diversity to fans’ options when customizing their CSGO experience.

CSGO developers also changed the 3rd Commando Company Agent’s voice-over and image, as well as his model on the rewards page. His actual in-game model hasn’t changed.

Shattered Web’s Weeks 5 through 8 missions revealed

If players want to be surprised by the missions over the next 4 weeks, spoilers lie ahead.

Week 5’s missions, collectively called Field Trip, are set to start at 5:00 PM EST Tuesday, December 17. 

The craziest missions in the next four weeks are Week 5’s “Feed the Birds,” and Week 6’s 
“Long Term Profits.” “Feed the Birds” has players having a chicken follow them for a total of 180 seconds, while Long Term Profits requires that players earn $100,000 in Casual’s Defusal Group Delta.

The other missions are the standard fair, such as “Take the Long Way Home,” which requires players to get 50 kills in Casual’s Defusal Group Sigma. It also looks like there are several missions that don’t specify using a certain weapon to complete the challenge.

Valve may choose to change this is in the future, but for right now the next five weeks of missions seem so simple that the only thing players could complain about is that they’re too easy. Still looking at you, “Punching Out.”

Valve also changed the name of Week 5 from its original “Just Do Whatever” to “Field Trip,” a possible reference to the fact that the Week 5 missions have players doing a ton of different things in almost every mode in CSGO.

All of the missions from the Shattered Web leak

  • Week 5: Field Trip
    • “Feed the Birds” – “Befriend chickens for 180 seconds in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta.”
    • “Scenic Tour” – Use a parachute for 10 seconds in Danger Zone.
    • “Stop and Smell the Roses” – Get 25 kills with the Negev in Deathmatch: Dust II.
    • “A Walk on the Breach” – Get 10 round wins in Competitive: Breach (Scrimmage).
    • “Take the Long Way Home” – Get 50 kills in Casual: Defusal Group Sigma.
    • Behold the Sites Get 25 AWP or P90 kills in Guardian: Overpass.
  • Week 6: Money Isn’t Everything
    • “Talk Is Cheap” – Get 20 pistol kills in Deathmatch: Dust II.
    • “Penny Pincher”  – Get 2 kills without spending any money in a single Danger Zone match.
    • “Pocket Change” – Get 15 XM1014 kills in Guardian: Bank.
    • “Early Investor” – Get 2 pistol round wins in Competitive.
    • “Rising Capital” – Get 2 kills in Guardian: Vertigo.
    • “Long Term Profits” – Earn $100000 in Casual: Defusal Group Delta.
  •  Week 7: Hot Shot
    • “Pace Yourself” –  Get 10 kills with the Desert Eagle in Casual: Hostage Group.
    • “They Never Stood a Chance” – Get 2 sniper rifle kills in Danger Zone.
    • “Target Acquired – Get 30 headshot kills in a single Deathmatch: Dust II match.
    • “How Hard Can It Be?” – Get 10 round wins in Competitive: Dust II.
    • “Coordinated Attack” – Get 35  kills in Guardian: Mirage.
    • “That’s Not Allowed!” – Get 2 unscoped AWP kills in Guardian: Cache

  • Week 8: Italian Job
    • “Start Your Engines”: – Get 10 kills in Casual: Canals.
    • “Hit The Gas” – Get 5 headshot kills in Casual: Inferno.
    • “Switching Gears” – Get 15 kills with CT weapons in Guardian: Italy.
    • “You’re Only Supposed to Blow the Bloody Doors Off!” – Get 10 round wins in Competitive: Inferno
    • “Rooftop Getaway” – Get 16 round wins in Wingman: Rialto.
    • “A Close Scrape” – Get 40 kills with the Dual Berettas in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta.

Players should get ready to protect those chickens. They shouldn’t forget what they did to ropz that one time, either, so be sure to keep an eye on them.


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