Week 10 mission guide for the Diretide battle pass

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The Diretide battle pass officially beings as of week ten, and our mission guide will keep the ball rolling into the new Dota 2 season.

Valve has repeatedly stated that it wants the period after The International to be the best time to play Dota 2 all year. By giving everyone a free arcana and battle pass, Valve has already succeeded in its goal. Now all players have the chance to grind out the battle pass missions in week 10 and complete previous weeks from before they got the pass. Here’s the best heroes and strategies to get through week 10 of the Diretide battle pass as quickly as possible.

Diretide battle pass week 10 mission guide

Diretide battle pass week 10 missions

For Love Of The Game

Once again, the first mission of this week is to simply log in and play matches of Dota 2. 15 sounds like a lot, but it’s worth grinding the extra few games for three stars during these bonus weeks. The bonus chests grant a random amount of battle pass points up to 32 levels in one pull. Grinding out ten matches to access the free arcana already gets players most of the way there.

Candy Vandal

This is the first Diretide game mode-exclusive mission in the battle pass, so our future mission guides may include more tips for the game mode. This starter option is as easy as can be, with the sole goal of scoring points against the enemy team. Scoring 150 taffy grants a special bonus of five stars instead of the usual three, so make sure to equip this week when queuing up for the seasonal game mode.

Truly Moving Experience

Eul’s Scepter and Force Staff are both items players love to see on their side, but expect to get pushed around a bit more than usual this week. Truly Moving Experience requests that players earn two, six, and 15 kills or assists after using the two aftermentioned items. Hurricane Pike counts for this challenge, so play a little more aggressively on ranged carries like Drow Ranger, Sniper, or Shadow Fiend.

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Ancient Predator

Carry players don’t need to be asked to hit ancient creeps, but now the game rewards them with gold, experience, and battle pass points. Three stars on this mission involves killing 60 ancient creeps, the equivalent of 20 stacks. Carries that love ancient stacks like Medusa and Luna are the obvious picks, but certain offlaners like Tidehunter and Axe can slowly grind this mission up after a bad lane.

Two To Tango

This mission would have been much easier to complete back when pooled tangos didn’t have a timer. To earn three stars, players must share a grand total of 18 tangos with allies. While this mission can be completed as intended, it’s much easier to buy a bunch of tangos at the end of the game and distribute them to surrounding heroes. Just mind the item slots, and definitely don’t put one in your carry’s inventory while taking Roshan.

Open The Heart

This macabre mission involves dealing damage to enemy heroes with critical strikes. This mission is fairly straightforward, as any hero can deal crit damage with items like Bloodthorn, Daedalus, or Silver Edge. Heroes with innate crits like Juggernaut, Wraith King, and Phantom Assassin are also great choices. Just keep smacking until you reach 50,000 hero damage.


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