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Weathered Obelisk locations in Genshin Impact

by | Jan 22, 2023

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Reading Time: 6 min.

Genshin Impact 3.4 introduced a new series of puzzles, the Weathered Obelisks. These structures can be found around the Desert of Hadramaveth, Sumeru. You will recognize them as rocks with glowing symbols in them. What are the Weathered Obelisk locations? There are 28 for you to find.

The game offers an easy tutorial that explains how the puzzles work. It states as follow: “The desert contains a mysterious matching sequence of ancient characters. You must find the corresponding location and use attacks to change the displayed characters to make the two groups of characters the exact same.”

Simply put, you will find two sets of stones. One will show the correct pattern and cannot be changed. The second has a random order and can be changed using normal attacks. It is easy to tell them apart: One glows and the other, while the same color, is not as shiny.

In some locations, the stones are one next to the other, while in others you will have to walk to get to the correct answer. This is a time-consuming quest, since you must cover the entire Desert of Hadramaveth, climbing cliffs, and visiting temples.

Since you are in the area, you might as well complete the entire list in one go. After finishing each puzzle, you will receive a chest with amazing rewards.

Weathered Obelisk locations in Genshin Impact

  • The first location is on the northern west side of Dunes of Steel. The Obelisks are located on the hill. To solve the puzzle, match the Obelisks with the pattern above.
  • North of Debris of Panjvahe. The Obelisks are on the hill, just by the edge of the map.
  • From the second location, head south to the area between Debris of Panjvahe and Qusayr Al-Inkhida. You will find three on the hill, nearby is another set of three obelisks with the correct answer.
  • You need more abilities to complete this one. There are three obelisks at the base of the cliff, and the answers are on top of the cliff. Using the Four-Leaf Sigil you can make it to the answers. You must do this a couple of times since the correct pattern gets revealed one obelisk at a time.
  • Near the entrance of the temple, you will find the obelisks. Inside the temple, activate the ruin mechanisms. The cut scene will show a door moving, go there next. You will find another ruin mechanism. When you activate it, it reveals the buried obelisks. With those two answers, go back outside and solve it.
  • The obelisks are separated this time. On the northern side, you can find the correct answer, on the southern side, near the cliff, are the remaining four obelisks.
  • The first obelisk is hidden behind a rock. Put that answer on the obelisk inside the Atmospheric Vortex. Right to the vortex is the next answer, return to the vortex to put it. North to the vortex, you will see a sand pile, attack it, and it will reveal the final obelisk. Once again, return to the vortex.
  • There are seven obelisks in total together. The correct answers are spread, and grouped in sets of two, three, and two. You will need to use the Four-Leaf Sigil to reach some of the answers. Once you got them all, return to the original seven.
  • The locked Dendro Monuments are your signal to get to the obelisks. The first answer is a lone obelisk, the next answer will come in a set of two. There is a third Dendro Monument. Attack the obelisks there.
  • A three and group of rocks are surrounded by two pairs of obelisks. On the opposite side, you will get the answers.
  • Another answer is hidden at the top of a cliff. This time you only need to make one trip.
  • The obelisk will be buried in sand, you need to use an Anemo character to take it away. The second group of three obelisks is south from the buried ones.
  • These obelisks are also a cliff apart. The way to get the answer is the same as the others.
  • You will see three obelisks with the answers. North from it, there will be a tornado. Inside the tornado are the pieces where you need to put the correct pattern.
  • This time, the obelisks are in groups of two, facing each other. Find the first set and head north where you’ll put the answer. Using an Anemo character, you can blow the sand to reveal the third and final obelisk.
  • Locate the fallen three, in front of it you will see three obelisks. On the opposite direction, you will see the ones you must change.
  • In the area, there will be a group of shrubs with some rocks and three obelisks. The other set is on the side of this location.
  • Here you will see a flat rock, on top of it are three obelisks. The second trio is in the opposite direction.
  • Get close to the cliff to find the three obelisks. The other group is nearby, on the opposite direction.
  • This puzzle is solved in groups. The first trio is near the rocks on inclined terrain. Northeast are the three where you must enter the pattern. On the south, you will find two more obelisks. North, on the rightmost corner are the other two buried under the sand. When you blow away the sand, you must fight the scorpion before completing the puzzle.
  •  The locked chest will be surrounded by obelisks. Start from the south, where a single obelisk stands on top of a flat rock. Parallel to it, facing north is the matching obelisk. Return to the locked chest and take the east side next, first you need to remove the gust ball. Using an Anemo character, you can remove the sand to unveil another obelisk and scorpion duo. There will be a sleeping Ruin Guard — be careful so you don’t wake it up. Under the sand, you will find the obelisk. Return to the Ruin Guard and put the answer in the piece in front of it. On the left side of the locked chest, climb up the cliff to find another one. Drop down and place the answer in the one facing the cliff. The final one is on the southwest side of the locked chest. Find the shrub on the side of the cliff and attack it to expose the final obelisk.
  • The obelisks are close to the cliff, go south, using as a reference point the rightmost obelisk. The gustball is hiding one of the pieces — it matches the rightmost obelisk. Drop from the obelisk in the middle to find its matching piece. The remaining obelisk will guide you to its matching one if you head north.
  • Using a Dendro character, you can activate the Dendro switch. Northeast will be located another set of obelisks. Keep activating the Dendro switches, as they will guide you to the next obelisks. On the way, you will find a giant scorpion that you must fight to access the final Dendro switch.
  • On the cliffside, you can find four pieces. Drop from the cliff to find the other set, match them using the pattern from above. If you head right, the next pair of obelisks will be by the giant gear. South from the gear are the pair of obelisks where you can enter the pattern you just learned.
  • At the base of the temple, you will find a trio of obelisks. The answer to these are upstairs. Go up to get the answer and head back down to solve it.
  •  On the western side of the cliff you will find three obelisks. If you attack it to match the F figure, K figure, and the three dots, you will unlock a Pyro switch. On the western cliff, climb to the top to find a locked chest. Here are two other obelisks, again go for the F figure and W figure. Dropping from there, you can find another. Enter the S figure. Heading east, attack the obelisks to match the W figure and the K figure. Here, you’ll need a Pyro character to light up the Pyro switch that is next to one obelisk. East, you will find a second Pyro switch and two more obelisks. In the area, you will encounter three more obelisks. Return to the locked chest, activate the Pyro switch to complete this puzzle.
  • The obelisks are next to each other but you must act fast. You will receive a wisp from the torch. If you take the wisp to the locked domain, the puzzle will be solved.
  • Before approaching the final puzzle, you must complete the Falcon Hunt’s quest. It allows you to upgrade the Liloupar gadget that is used to remove a vortex. Once you remove the vortex, you will find three obelisks. On the opposite side, there will be three more. Heading north, a fungi will be guarding two sets, fight it and get the patterns. Return over your steps to solve the final puzzle.
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