We answer all of your questions about DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

By Steven Rondina


Aug 8, 2021

Reading time: 5 min

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood has caught fans’ attention and piqued the interest of those who don’t even play the game. But months removed from the initial premiere of the series, fans still have a lot of questions about what actually happened on the show and why.

With that in mind, it’s worth giving answers to some of the frequently asked questions surrounding DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. Whether it’s related to the production of the series itself or major plot points within the series, here are the answers you’re seeking.

Is DOTA: Dragon’s Blood canon?

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is not the canon origin story for Dragon Knight, though Dota 2’s lore is generally vague and varies between games and media. Bits and pieces of characters’ lore have conflicted with new content or been rewritten over time. A great example of this is the 2016 comic “A Dark Purpose Served” involving Anti-Mage and Windranger that voice lines suggest has been retconned to have canonically involved Windranger and Anti-Mage’s student, Wei.

Regardless, there are many glaring differences between established Dragon Knight lore and the events of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. 

According to Dota 2’s official lore, “Knight Davion” grants a sickly and aged Slyrak’s wish for a warrior’s death. Both are mortally wounded by the fight, with their blood mixing to merge their powers. In DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Uldorak takes Slyrak’s place as the aged dragon and Terrorblade has no part in Dragon Knight’s origin story. Any notion of an inner struggle between Davion and Slyrak is left vague.

All this said, Valve could say that DOTA: Dragon is Blood is canon at any point. Dota 2’s character lore has been changed several times and many of the character traits and relationships shown in the animated series were only recently introduced in Dota Underlords.

Why did Fymryn steal the lotus?

Fymryn stole the Lotuses of Mene in order to help bring back the moon goddess Mene, who is prophecized to lead her clan of elves back to their former homeland. 

It’s repeatedly suggested that Selemene isn’t the legitimate moon goddess and that she’s instead a usurper of that title, with the rightful moon goddess being Mene. All parties seem to acknowledge that Mene was replaced as moon goddess at some point by Selemene, but the reason for this is left unclear. Though Mene is stripped of that title and her fate is left vague, Mene does still have worshippers who were displaced by that coup.

Fymryn is part of a group of elves that still worships Mene, and believes that the lotuses are part of a prophecy that will reinstate Mene as the goddess of the moon and allow her clan to retake their past homeland. This action sets off a catastrophic chain of events that shakes her faith and leaves her desperate to see something good come of it.

Why did Selemene let her daughter die?

Selemene let her daughter die of an illness seemingly out of spite for her daughter’s refusal to declare her devotion, possibly due to Invoker and her daughter recognizing Mene as the goddess of the moon instead. It may be revealed that there was some other reason for this, but Selemene’s refusal to help her child primarily served as a demonstration of how evil Selemene is capable of being and to set up her invasion of the Mene-worshipping elven population.

It’s still possible that there may be a more nuanced reason for Selemene’s refusal to help her daughter. The nature of Selemene’s relationship with Invoker and the reason behind their split is never given. For now, the short answer for why Selemene refused to help her daughter is simply that she’s kind of evil.

Are Luna and Mirana allies?

Luna and Mirana are both parts of the Dark Moon and are allies because of that, but that doesn’t mean they’re friends. The two have been consistently portrayed as unfriendly towards one another across all Dota-related media including Dota 2, Dota Underlords, and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.

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In Dota 2 they have allied greetings with one another, but both have multiple quips that can play when one scores a kill on the other. This same phenomenon exists in Dota Underlords, but with their allied exchanges being more condescending and sarcastic.

In DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Luna and Mirana don’t interact all that much but their relationship seems to be much the same as before. They both earnestly support and serve Selemene, but Luna seems to be jealous over Mirana out-ranking her and the resulting preferential treatment she receives from Selemene.

Is Invoker evil?

Invoker is not established as an evil character in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, but signs point to him becoming one of the main villains of the series moving forward. The final scene of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood sees Invoker standing over Selemene, with the implication being that he was working with Terrorblade all along in order to attack her.

The fact that Invoker was working with Terrorblade suggests that he isn’t really an ally to Mirana and Davion after all. The three met up at one point, with Invoker helping them and warning them that Selemene is not the benevolent goddess that Mirana believes her to be. Though Invoker was proven right that Selemene is evil, he’s not entirely good himself.

Is DOTA: Dragon’s Blood finished?

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is going to be returning in the future. Though Netflix only signed on for one season of the show at the start, it was renewed for at least one more season earlier this year.

Unfortunately, there are very few details on this second season, which will be entitled DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 2. The story will continue to follow Davion and Mirana, with Luna also making an appearance at some point. It’s unclear whether Luna actually survived the first season, but one of the only images of the new season that has been shown is of her sitting alongside a character of the same species as Pangolier.

As of this writing, there’s no word on episode length, the number of episodes in the new season, or any firm plot points. There also isn’t any kind of release date, and odds are DOTA: Dragon’s Blood: Book Two will not be coming out any time soon.