Watch shroud win a 1v4 and pick up a crazy ace with Viper

Fariha Bhatti • February 12, 2021 3:30 pm

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player Michael “shroud” Grzesiek showcased his expertly polished aim in one of his streams as he shutt down the entire team using Viper. 

Icebox is still a relatively new map that players dread to play. However, shroud managed to outplay five enemies on the least-played map using the least-picked agent, Viper. The ace was incredible, displaying the classic shroud aim. 

Shroud INSANE Ace and 1v4 from r/VALORANT

shroud is often seen playing Sentinels and Initiators, but for Icebox, the former pro player opted for toxic agent Viper. The controller is the least favored agent in Valorant, but shroud’s insane play showed that a mix of crisp and an ability to Viper’s kit to menaice his enemies. 

In a two versus five situation, the odds were in the defenders’ favour until shroud took down Cypher while peeking him from middle. His teammate Sage lost a battle against Reyna, leaving shroud alone against four enemies. Gearing up to clutch the round, the streamer made a beeline for the Spike, dropped towards bomb point B. 

A failed attempt to block his way saw both Reyna and Cypher dead in a matter of seconds. Smart use of a diagonal Viper screen created a new angle for shroud, allowing him to slip inside B Green. The star player caught the enemy Jett by surprise, shutting her down with a smooth spray. Finally, he bagged the last kill by punishing Omen for giving away footsteps while trying to flank on him. 

The player finished off the entire team solely using his aim and Viper’s toxic screen, proving that no Valorant is agent is without the tools to win. 

shroud has an extensive history in CSGO as the best players in the world. Naturally, the player has also become one of the best aimers in Valorant, as his streams testify. After playing at the top of the CSGO pro scene, shroud has easily become one of Twitch’s most popular streamers. Most recently, a charity auction saw dozens of people bidding many thousands of dollars just to spend one hour with him.

Is Viper a good agent in Valorant? 

Viper was initially introduced as a fierce agent with lethal poison, capable of terrible things. However, a development in play highly transformed the game’s meta, making Viper one of the least-played agents. 

Riot Games’ subsequent buffs to Viper have made the agent more viable on Split, Ascent, and Icebox. The agent can single-handedly delay attacker pushes and protect the Spike post-plant. Safe to say, Viper has the potential to give other controllers a run for their money when used correctly. 


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