Ludwig spends $53,000 to game with shroud for 1 hour

Fariha Bhatti • February 11, 19:22

Twitch streamer Maya Higa raised $500,000 for her non-profit organization Alveus in a wholesome stream, with the biggest contribution coming in from fellow streamer Ludwig Ahgren. 

Maya has previously hosted dozens of charity streams to bolster Alveus, a nonprofit exotic animal sanctuary. Her fund-a-thon streams are usually a huge success, but this one was unique as streamers fought over a few particular auction items. 

Instead of plainly asking for donations, the streamer had interesting prizes up for grabs, winnable through auction. From shoes, bubble wrap sheets, to fun little tasks, Maya had gone all out to gather funds for her project. However, “an hour of gaming with Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek” stood out on that list, with people bidding significant amounts of money for the chance to spend time with the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive star. 

The auction for this particular item started big with dozens of viewers pitching in thousands of dollars. Surprisingly, shroud himself entered the auction and bid $36,000 to beat Chance “sodapoppin” Morris’ leading bid of $35,000. The contest between the two went on for a while until Ludwig swooped in with a whopping $40,000. As the anticipation around the bid grew, Ludwig went live just to broadcast the auction from his point of view. Neither shroud nor sodapoppin challenged his contribution, but a few other donors gave Ludwig a good fight. Finally, the streamer outbid everyone by donating $53,000 to hang out with shroud and win the auction. 

Maya’s charity stream raises over $500,000 

The whole experience was bizarre as Maya said that Ludwig could “message shroud for one-hour gaming, but that’s not the point.” On his own stream, Ludwig celebrated his win as shroud followed and messaged him on Twitter. Since sodapoppin’ was outbid twice during the auction, Ludwig didn’t shy away from trolling him on-stream. 

A shovel signed by sodapoppin came next in the auction, which mizkif bid $31,000 for it. Félix “xQc” Lengyel’s Luminosity jersey sold for $12,500. shroud also pitched in and contributed $11,000 to hang out with Esfundtv. Donations pouring in from popular Twitch streamers helped Maya hit her goal earlier than expected. The streamer successfully hit her target of $500,000 in large part thanks to the appeal of spending an hour with shroud. All the money will be going to her non-profit project that spreads awareness of wildlife and conservation. 


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