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Was Riot Games behind Carlos’ resignation from G2 Esports?

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 27, 2022

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The Carlos Ocelote-Andrew Tate debacle seemed to have concluded with his resignation at G2 CEO, but a report hints at Riot’s involvement in the big decision. 

The controversial public figure and former boxer Andrew Tate is clearly not welcomed on the internet. After being de-platformed from Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok, Andrew Tate’s presence was reduced to rare clips posted on unofficial accounts. In light of these events, Carlos’ celebratory video for the second-place finish in the LEC featuring Andrew Tate wasn’t well-received. What started as mere internet backlash unfurled into some serious consequences

The G2 CEO Carlos Ocelote had to step down from his posting. While some believed it was due to G2 losing a spot on Riot’s Valorant partner list, nothing was known for sure. However, recent reports suggest that whispers may not be completely false. 

Why did Carlos Ocelot step down from G2? 

A video of Ocelote celebrating the recent second-place finish for G2 in the LEC went viral as fans caught a glimpse of Andrew Tate lighting a cigar alongside Ocelote. The video prompted massive backlash but Ocelote responded with indignity, refusing to apologize for partying with a “friend.” Carlos later followed up with another statement, stepping down from the company as CEO.


His statement came after credible reports of G2’s removal from Valorant’s partnership with Riot. Fans didn’t have much to believe then, but Esportmaniacos’s Yuste stated that Riot may actually have requested G2 to cut off Ocelote. According to the report, the former CEO sold his stakes in G2 upon Riot’s demand if they wanted to keep their LEC slot after losing the Valorant partnership. 

Did Riot force Carlos to step down from G2? 

While Riot remains tight-lipped, the head of Esports for League of Legends in EMEA has come forward refuting reports of Riot’s involvement in Carlos’ decision to step down. According to Maximilian Peter Schmidt, the investigation into the Carlos case is still ongoing, but LEC has kept away from interfering as of now. He also said that Riot hadn’t played a role in Carlos’s resignation either. 

Considering the boiling controversy, Riot may come out with an official statement. Carlos played a key role in G2’s thriving success in esports, the highest-ranked company outside of Los Angeles County, according to Forbes. Due to his direct interest in esports, Carlos garnered a massive fanbase that followed G2 solely for the CEO. 

Whether Riot played a role in Carlos’ resignation remains unclear, but Maximilian Schmidt claims that it may not be the case. Still, G2 losing a slot in the Valorant partnership is a surprise, considering the organization’s high profile and rapport. 


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