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What happened to Andrew Tate’s Twitch account?

By Olivia Richman


Aug 28, 2022

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Andrew Tate has been running out of social media platforms to spread his controversial messaging and apparent scams, making Twitch one of his last options. But even that may be taken away from him soon.

Tate is a former professional kickboxer and has appeared on some reality television shows in the past, but has recently become popular online among some niche audiences for his “red pill” rhetoric. Tate has been accused of spreading hate against women and promoting sexism to impressionable teenage boys, causing him to be banned from TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Is Andrew Tate banned on Twitch?

Andrew Tate’s possibly harmful rhetoric as well ongoing investigations into a sex trafficking allegation, which accuses Tate of holding women hostage in his home and forcing them to do cam work, has led to most prominent social media platforms banning the content creator. But Twitch has yet to ban Andrew Tate.

In response to ongoing demands that Tate be removed from Twitch, the self-proclaimed multi-millionaire decided to delete his Twitch account himself. This way, Tate would avoid a ban, meaning he could still appear on other streamers’ broadcasts without them getting in trouble.

While Tate’s channel may be off of Twitch for now, the streaming platform’s lack of action during recent weeks has sparked controversy in the streaming community. Many streamers called out Twitch for not banning Tate despite seeming to have no problem banning other content creators for potentially lesser offenses.

Twitch has long been accused of meting out inconsistent punishments and rulings, with many even calling out Twitch for playing favorites with certain popular content creators.

“My theory is that Twitch admins have taken the red pill after years of failing to attract Amouranth’s attention and they’ve all been glued to Adin Ross’s stream for the past two weeks,” streamer Vaush said.

Meanwhile, the streaming community is debating if Twitch needs Tate’s account to be up in order to ban him. Others are demanding that any streamer who allows Tate on their broadcast be banned from the streaming platform.


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