Was Dr Disrespect arrested for sexting a minor?

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 28, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm recently confirmed that he was banned on Twitch for sexting with a minor, but has he been arrested for it?

Ever since Dr Disrespect posted his extensive response to the allegations of sexting an underaged individual, it has sparked a lot of chaos. YouTube has fully demonetized his channel and he has been removed from NBA 2K24 as well. This is hot off the heels of a trans sex worker claiming Dr. Disrespect cheated on his wife with her in 2017, the same year he was caught talking to a minor.

Now, rumors are circulating that he was taken into custody on the morning of June 28 from his home, but how credible are these rumors?

Was Dr Disrespect arrested?

Dr Disrespect has not been arrested for sending inappropriate messages to an underage person in June 2020.

On June 28, a screenshot from a group called Nextdoor started circulating on the internet, claiming that Dr Disrespect was arrested from his home in Encinitas, CA. The conversation between residents mentioned that there was a police SUV spotted on Lone Jack, which was seen handcuffing an individual who looked like the streamer.

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This was brought to public attention by Rod Breslau, a credible reporter who recently had sources reveal that Dr Disrespect sent inappropriate messages to a minor despite knowing their age. On Hasanabi’s stream, Breslau mentioned the group and how residents were talking about the arrest in a group.


However, he recently posted a confirmation that Dr Disrespect wasn’t arrested at all. According to him, he talked to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and discovered that no one was arrested, nor was there an incident at that location.

“I have confirmed with the San Diego Sheriffs Department that no one was arrested nor was there an incident at that location,” Rod Breslau said.

No additional information about him has been shared by the local police department on the official website, which supports that the rumors of his arrest were unfounded.

There is ongoing controversy as some fans are infuriated with public figures spreading misinformation, while others are adamant that Dr Disrespect should be arrested for engaging in sexual communication with a minor. The situation has led to companies and platforms severing ties with the streamer.