Warzone pro caught cheating in game’s biggest tournament so far

By Olivia Richman


Dec 7, 2022

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A Call of Duty Warzone pro was caught cheating in a $100K tournament and has disappeared from the internet.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is full of cheaters and hackers, the usual problem with free-to-play shooters. While people are used to coming across cheaters of all kinds in lobbies, it’s a bit more shocking when the same cheaters try to take their hacks to major tournaments that are streamed and observed.

Warzone pro caught cheating in a tournament

The $100,000 Warzone World Classic was the biggest Warzone 2 tournament yet, with popular players competing for glory in the new battle royale. One of those players, however, seemed very suspicious.

Before the tournament started, Turkish pro Exoniz came under fire for cheating as well as lying about the number of monitors he used.

Exoniz was still allowed to compete in the $100K tournament. While streaming his matches, he attempted to prove haters wrong by showing his monitors to Call of Duty fans watching him compete. But while showing the monitor, a menu popped up that viewers recognized as a cheat menu. Exoniz claimed it was a glitch due to using multiple monitors, but the clip went viral.

As the accusations piled up, Exoniz ended the Twitch stream and deleted the VOD in question. He also deleted his Twitch channel entirely, as well as his Twitter account.

His tournament teammate, forpantheonn tried to defend Exoniz at first but ultimately felt that he was cheating as well. He said he got “shocked” and decided to block his former teammate.


The tournament is continuing, but it looks like Turkey has been disqualified.


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