Warwick arrives in Wild Rift with new lore details

By Nicholas James


Nov 4, 2022

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Warwick is coming to Wild Rift, and here’s what we know about the Wrath of Zaun’s arrival to the mobile adaptation of League of Legends.

Warwick’s impending arrival to Wild Rift was announced in a trailer that seems to fill out a part of Warwick’s story we hadn’t seen before. Here’s everything we know about Warwick in Wild Rift.

Warwick joins Wild Rift

Warwick is the latest League of Legends champion to join League of Legends: Wild Rift, the mobile adaptation of the wildly successful MOBA. Warwick arrived in Wild Rift on November 4, 2022, adding the aggressive skirmishing jungler to the roster of available characters. His release was initially announced with an animated cinematic depicting the moments before Warwick’s League of Legends reveal cinematic.

The trailer shows a mutated Warwick awaking in a pipe in the depths of Zaun, with Singed narrating over it. This appears to be one of the first times that Warwick is unleashed, after having been transformed from Vi and Jinx’s adoptive father Vander. If you want to read about Warwick’s backstory, check out our article on his origin story in Arcane. The cinematic sees Warwick hunt down a group of thugs threatening a young Zaunite woman before chasing off after survivors, one of whom declares “I told you this was a bad deal, man!”, which is the opening line of Warwick’s League of Legends cinematic.

Warwick Wild Rift abilities explained

Warwick’s abilities in Wild Rift are practically identical to his League of Legends kit. Every part of his kit incentivizes him to stalk across the map at blazing speed, tracking down and ending low-health targets.

His Q is a simple bite that deals damage and heals, also allowing Warwick to hold the ability down to dash through an opponent and follow them through any movement or teleportation they might undergo during that time.

Warwick’s W has two functions, one marks low-health enemies anywhere on the map and shows Warwick a blood trail towards marked enemies, granting him bonus movement speed towards them. If he activates his W, he will mark the nearest enemy no matter their health, giving him a blood trail towards them.

Warwick’s E is another simple ability with plenty of depth. Upon casting it, Warwick takes reduced damage until the ability reaches its maximum duration. After reactivating it, or the ability expiring due to time, Warwick roars, causing all enemies in an area around him to become feared.

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Warwick’s ultimate is as straightforward as the rest of his kit. On casting, Warwick throws himself forwards a great distance, scaling with movement speed, and suppresses the first enemy champion hit. This is an incredibly long-range engage tool or an escape method if things get really desperate.

That’s everything you need to know about Warwick coming to Wild Rift,. Now get out there and chase some blood trails!


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