Walkthrough for CSGO’s classic Inferno B T-side execute

By Nick Johnson


Jul 26, 2020

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Inferno’s B bombsite is hard to take for an inexperienced attacking team, but executing onto the site is the attacking side’s key to victory.

While taking banana control is as simple as waiting out the defender’s early grenades, things get a little more complicated once the attackers get to car.

For some reason, most teams panic once they get there, unsure of what to do next. In most games, especially in matchmaking, all it takes it two smokes, a Molotov, and the most powerful pop flash on the map to take control of Inferno’s B site.

For best effect, it’s useful to throw a single smoke to block off CT first. This will hopefully draw out counter-grenades from the CTs and deplete their utility. Once the defenders have thrown their utility, the T side can throw the real execute without having to worry about any CT utility being thrown in return.

Throwing Inferno’s B Site CT smoke

It seems that most players don’t know how to throw this smoke, even though it’s one of the smokes everyone most needs to know. Once the attackers have banana control, players can line up the classic CT smoke by coming to logs and aiming as shown.

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Players should make sure they’re still standing on the ground, as it’s possible to walk up the logs slightly. That position will be used for the coils smoke shown next. This grenade is the easiest way to smoke CT without exposing the player to anyone on spools or in CT spawn.

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Here, a team has two options. One is to throw the spools smoke alongside the CT smoke, or they can throw the CT smoke and see how much utility the defenders use.

The second option is the smarter play. By spending one smoke grenade and going silent, or even combined with another player making some noise A, the attackers can pull enough utility from the B site defenders to make the execute much easier.

Smoking spools on Inferno is a key CSGO tactic

Either way, the spools smoke is slightly more complicated than the CT smoke, but it’s also much more powerful. This smoke completely blocks off a popular AWPing positing and allows the attackers a free run up to the site.

Players should position themselves in the shade on the right-hand side of banana and line up with the cracks in the rocks as shown.

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The lineup for spools is slightly tricky, and it’s useful for players to practice this one before trying it in a live match. If players mess this one up, they’re at the mercy of whatever weapon the attackers has set up at spools. Because of this, players should still have the position watched just in case.

From the tree, aim upwards until the crosshair is directly across from the antenna and throw.

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While these two smokes block off the two main positions that can make executes difficult, there are still two more grenades that make taking the site a whole lot easier. 

Molotov first oranges on Inferno

This Molotov gets rid of that pesky top oranges position, eliminating the potential for a lone UMP to wipe out the attacking team. This Molotov is always useful, but if the attackers are sure that the CTs are on an eco round, this Molotov becomes even more powerful.

Players should move up to the barrels at car, wedge themselves into the far left corner, and aim as shown below. Once lined up, a jumping throw will send the Molotov almost straight upwards, hit the skybox, and light up top oranges.

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Players should throw just before they throw the flash below. As any CT players try to escape the flames, they’ll catch the next flashbang full in the face. 

The most powerful flash on Inferno’s B site

This flash has been covered before, but it’s so powerful that it had to be included here as well. It will flash just about every position on the B site, and there’s almost nowhere that CT players can use to hide from it. It should be thrown any time the attackers want to put pressure on B, even when they don’t plan on executing onto it. Over time, the fear of the flash should help the attackers just by making the CT defenders afraid of it.

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Line up between the two windows, aim at the upper corner of the building behind the site, and simply left-click.

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Interested in seeing just how powerful this flash is? Check out every single position that players can flash when they use it by checking out this article and its video demonstration.

Combining all of these together requires a group of reasonably coordinated players, but that’s not too hard to find if players have a few friends that play CSGO. Hitting all of these smokes, plus the Molotov and the flash, make cracking one of CSGO’s most difficult bombsites almost easy.

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