VCT Summer 2023 schedule explained

By Melany Moncada


Apr 30, 2023

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The competitive year for Valorant is just getting started. The VCT Summer 2023 schedule is packed from May all the way through August.

2023 is a special year for competitive Valorant with the beginning of the International Leagues. During the VCT Summer 2023, fans will enjoy the first International League playoffs, the Masters Tokyo, and the first Championship in China, among other events.

VCT Summer 2023 full schedule

Before any global event, the International Leagues must determine each regions’ representatives.

International League Playoffs, May 19 – 28

Between May 19 and May 28, the three International Leagues will start their respective playoff stages. The top three teams from each league will earn a spot for both Masters Tokyo and Champion Los Angeles. EMEA is the only exception. After Fnatic’s victory at LOCK//IN Sao Paulo, the region earned a fourth slot in the event.

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Masters Tokyo, June 11 – 25

The top three teams from each International League — four from EMEA and two from China — will compete in the first major Valorant event in Tokyo. Attacking Soul Esports and Edward Gaming, the top two teams from the FGC Valorant Invitational, are the two representatives for China at the event.

The winner at Masters Tokyo will earn a fifth slot for their region at Champions Los Angeles.

Challengers Ascension, June 28 – July 16

There are over 20 Challenger Leagues around the world, with hundreds of teams competing. These teams will get a chance to earn a spot in the International Leagues through the Ascension tournaments.

It is unclear how the Ascension tournaments will work and what it means for the teams currently in the International Leagues. Riot Games has made it clear that having a spot in the International Leagues doesn’t mean the teams are locked in. The developer can decide to remove or demote teams as they see fit.

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Champions China Qualifiers, July 3 – 16

Since the International Leagues were created before China authorized the distribution of Valorant, some adaptation was necessary. China is considered its own region, with 12 teams currently competing in the FGC Valorant Invitational and many more aspiring to ascend.

The top three from the qualifiers will get a spot at Champions Los Angeles.

Last Chance Qualifier, July 15 – 23

This is the last opportunity to make it to Champions Los Angeles. Each International League will qualify a fourth team through this event. The region that wins Masters Tokyo will qualify two teams.

Champions Los Angeles, August 6 – 26

Champions Los Angeles is the biggest event of the year and the culmination of the 2023 VCT. The tournament will have 16 teams qualified from the International Leagues and the China Qualifiers competing for the most important title of the year.

It promises to be bigger and better than any Valorant event before. More details will be revealed at a later date, including the locations.