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VCT Masters Twitch drops revealed

By Nicholas James


Jun 10, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The VCT Masters Twitch drops have been revealed. Here are the free rewards you can claim and how to get them.

VCT Masters is nearly upon us, and Valorant esports fans have a chance to take home some exclusive in-game rewards for watching. VCT Masters Tokyo will be launching on June 11, and Riot Games is bringing out viewer rewards for fans who tune in.

While League of Legends’ rewards are restricted to viewers with linked accounts on LoL Esports’ official website, these rewards will be available on Twitch.

VCT Masters Tokyo Twitch drops

The Twitch drops for VCT Masters Tokyo have been revealed.

Fans can look forward to two separate in-game rewards for watching the international tournament. The two rewards will be a Title and a Playercard. The first reward will be available June 11 – 25. To get this, watch a live game will reward fans with the “UNPREDICTABLE” Playercard.

Fans who tune in to watch a live game during the Grand finals of VCT Tokyo will take home the Masters Tokyo Playercard. The Masters Tokyo Playercard depicts Yoru mid superhero-style landing, flanked by Sage and Brimstone. The background in a bright and Valorant-ized Tokyo.

Those are the only rewards, so even if you can only catch two games, you’re still in luck.

How to claim Twitch rewards

You can claim Twitch rewards by linking your Twitch account to your Riot Games account. This can be done through the Twitch account settings. From there, fans which can link a specific Twitch profile to another games service profile.

Those who haven’t attached their accounts will just need to log into their Twitch account. From there they can begin linking a Riot Games account, and logging into that Riot account to authenticate. Once that’s done, you’ll automatically earn rewards as you watch VCT Tokyo.

That’s all you need to know about the new in-game rewards for watching Valorant esports.