Valve drops Sideshop and wagering system from TI10 Battle Pass

By Steven Rondina


Jun 5, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Changes to The International 10 Battle Pass just keep coming, with Valve once again implementing changes to the reward system based on fans’ complaints. 

The biggest change is the complete removal of the Sideshop mini-game. The game inspired by Dota Auto Chess was nixed as fans struggled with how to play it and how to maximize their ability to earn rewards. 

It was strategically straightforward for fans that know the protocols for both Dota Auto Chess and the Battle Pass rewards system, with those who buy battle pass levels benefiting from focusing on high-tier units and thriftier fans best-served by purchasing low-tier units. For those that weren’t familiar with both angles, it was easy to walk away with next to nothing.

With the removal of Sideshop comes the return of the TI9 Battle Pass recycling system. Instead of earning tokens for Sideshop, a certain number of recycled Immortal items will yield a fresh Immortal Treasure for the player. This is likely welcome news for fans, as it gives them a more direct path towards earning more opportunities to win rare items than Sideshop offered.

Sideshop removed from Dota 2 UI, can still be accessed

Those that invested significantly in Sideshop can cash out by entering dota_show_sideshop in the console.

How to access console in Dota 2, enter Sideshop in TI10 Battle Pass

  1. Open Library tab in Steam Client
  2. Right-click Dota 2
  3. Select Properties, click General tab
  4. Click “Select Launch Options” 
  5. Enter “-console” without quotation marks into the text box that appears
  6. Run Dota 2 and press console hotkey (likely either \ or `)
  7. Enter “dota_show_sideshop” into the console without quotation marks, and close console

This will make Sideshop appear on the screen.

TI10 Battle Pass wagering system revised again

TI10’s wagering system was widely panned by fans as it transitioned away from having a fixed amount of BP to bet in a game. Instead, a new system was introduced that offered lower rewards with the opportunity to earn interest on the rewards with a winning streak. This was widely rejected by fans, who felt as though Valve was looking to make it harder to earn BP through established means in order to force players into buying levels.

In response, Valve has completely thrown out the TI10 Battle Pass wagering system and reimplemented the one from years past. Players receive 1,000 BP to wager each week and can bet 50, 100, or 250 on their ability to win. The 1,000 can be increased by earning more levels.

Finally, Gauntlet no longer carries requirements in terms of ticketing. The new game mode that offers rewards for winning three out of four games offered significant rewards, but carried a ticket requirement similar to Battle Cups. That has been removed, though it is unclear what will become of the tickets already in players’ inventories.


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