Valorant’s agent 17 confirmed to be a Sentinel from France

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 27, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Riot Games has dropped a first official teaser for the upcoming French agent, who seems slick and sophisticated. 

Valorant protocol hasn’t seen an expansion in a while, and it seems that a new Kingdom employee is about the enter the picture. Many hints about agent 17 have slipped through the cracks, and now Riot Games has finally dropped the first official teaser this time. 

In a recent “State of the Agent” blog, character producer John Goscicki has revealed that the next agent will be a Sentinel. 

“We took a step back and thought about different ways to provide another Sentinel to the roster.  We won’t reveal much more, just know that once you achieve that dream moment, it will be magnifique!” character producer John Goscicki said.

The blog made it pretty clear that Sentinels is the least crowded class. With only three agents watching flanks and pausing pushes, teams are in dire need of a viable support agent who can occasionally call the shots. The brand new agent would join Sage, Killjoy, and Cypher in the Sentinels category, bringing “mechanical” flourishes to Valorant. 

Who’s agent 17 in Valorant? 

Agent 17 is French, and he seems to be an employee of the Kingdom corporation.

The image shared by the developer shows a black card sitting on a golden table next to a cup of dark coffee. The whole aesthetic of the image reaffirms that agent 17 is much more sophisticated and suave than other agents in Valorant. The image file is titled “magnifique” which is a French word, confirming the background of the new agent.

Blog post image

The recent teaser for the new map featured a mysterious voice narrating the aftermath of a Radianite incident that caused the Fracture. The voice sounded sleek but hostile. However, it was the dense accent that caught the attention of Valorant leakers and data miners. Agent 17 likely hails from France, which explains his high-class and striking appearance observed in leaks. 

Blog post image

Is agent 17 Deadeye?

While it’s unsure whether the agent in leaks is Deadeye, the next character’s rumored name, it aligns with the theories. The leaked image highlights the Operator in the arm of the agent. Later, an empty OP case was spotted on Fracture’s vantage point, hinting that the new agent might be an OP specialist.

The new blog says that Deadeye would add to the mechanical aspect of the game while ensuring that the gunplay remains clear-cut. The developer is likely hinting at Deadeye’s ability to utilize the sniper rifle effectively. 

Other Sentinels focus on intel-gathering, watching flanks, and pausing pushes. With recent complaints of OP only being suitable on Jett, it shouldn’t be a surprise if Riot Games rolls in a character that excels in movement, much like Jett. This should explain the broken crystal eye and massive Operator hanging on Deadeye’s shoulder. 

It’s unknown when agent 17 joins the roster, but it should be soon. The next act, scheduled for November 2, should roll in with a brand new Sentinel agent to extend the dull category.