Jett Valorant

Valorant trolls are tanking FPS with new Jett bug

By Fariha Bhatti


May 11, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Players have discovered a new Jett FPS bug that is so annoying it can force you to ALT+F4.

Valorant is a team game, so all players need to coordinate with each other. For example, when your teammate asks you to walk, you must press down on the shift key as hard as possible to not make a sound. But, some malicious actors purposefully sabotage teammates. Now, a bug has fallen into the hands of trolls tanking the entire server’s FPS with a loud noise.

YouTuber Valorant Bugs and Glitches discovered a broken spot on the map Fracture that tanks FPS using Jett’s hover. This bug affects the executor and everyone nearby who can hear the shrilling sound of the wind.

The player hovered over the boxes placed in the spawn to carry out the bug. Getting stuck between the two boxes creates a noise that is loud enough to result in a drastic FPS decline, even bringing it to down to just two frames ever second in some cases. According to him, this bug also fluctuates frames of all players in the server. At least, this is confirmed that teammates can hear the loud noise from the boxes.

Now, this bug may not seem as game-breaking since no player would purposefully fly over a damaged area. But trolls are having a field day with this one. Many Jett players are using this spot to sabotage teammates by tanking their FPS and causing disrupting noise. In some cases, even enemies may experience their frames dropping.

Since there’s no way to avoid this issue, players are quietly making peace with it. Riot should patch up this broken spot soon, but an instant fix seems unlikely, considering a similar bug has existed in Icebox for quite some time. But it remains to be seen if this one glitch could get Riot’s attention.