Valorant to get massive smoke changes in patch 7.08

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 14, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant leakers have discovered significant smoke changes, and the community isn’t sure how to feel about the reported tweaks.

Unlike most other shooter games, utility is equally important as gunplay in Valorant. Each agent brings a unique power to the table, adding spice to pure gunplay. One class is entirely dedicated to blocking sight, called controllers. Now, Riot is changing how smokes act in Valorant, and a chunk of the player base is unhappy.

According to credible leakers, patch 7.08 will add a visual and audio cue to a defusing smoke. This change has ruffled many features, as players claim Riot is lowering the skill ceiling. Here’s what the changes mean. 

Valorant smoke changes have split the community

Astra Valorant

After patch 7.08, smokes will create an audible noise before they disappear. A visual animation will also get triggered 1.5 seconds before they are about to fade. These tweaks are expected to alert the players to get under cover to avoid being exposed to enemies. 

Oftentimes, players spam through the smokes with no idea about the utility’s span, leading to risky plays. The upcoming changes will allow players to take cover and move aside. 1.5 seconds before right as dissipating smoke exhibits a visual and audio cue. 

While this is a helpful feature, Valorant players are not happy. Riot recently increased the game’s difficulty level by making ultimates difficult to activate and other utilities more valuable. But players think upcoming changes would once again lower Valorant’s skill ceiling. The risk of anticipating an enemy on the other side of the smoke puts your reaction time and aiming skills to the test, which makes the game fun.

However, the other half of the Valorant community is with Riot on this one. According to the players, smokes shouldn’t be a part of Valorant’s skill ceiling to begin with, as it’s a shooter game where aim shines. In any case, the changes remain controversial so far. 

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