Valorant teases big update, but is it a new map or a new agent?

Olivia Richman • October 2, 18:07

Valorant’s Episode 1 Act 3 is coming October 5. 

With the next act fast approaching, Valorant has been teasing the update on Twitter. On September 24, Valorant asked players, “Who is on the bench?” 

Valorant fans took to Reddit to discuss the possible meaning behind the cryptic tweet. Some players noted that the question references a bench on the Ascent map. Other players discovered the Korean text on the reveal said “Kench on the bench,” possibly referencing League of Legends champion Tahm Kench. This all ties together when players realized the bench has Tahm Kench’s face on it. 

Valorant bench leak

This led fans to question the meaning of the bench’s design. Was Valorant going to have a League of Legends crossover? Would Tahm Kench be the new Valorant agent in Act 3? Would there be a League of Legends-inspired map? Maybe a weapon with a Tahm Kench-themed skin? 

As fans continued to guess, Valorant dropped another eerie tweet earlier today. This time it asked players to decode it. While most players immediately replied with “no,” there was one clever Valorant player who decoded the secretive tweet. 

Arabic translated to “bring a coat.” The Russian said “forget.” The Turkish on the tweet said “It is cold.” Another Turkish phrase said “over there.” The Russian word simply said “weapon.” With “3A” also in the tweet, it seemed likely these were hints towards the fast-approaching third act. 

Another player pointed out that Riot Games recently added “Dan the Penguin” in the previous update. This could be another hint at something related to the cold or winter. 

Is a new map or new agent coming to Valorant in Episode 1 Act 3?

Now players are left wondering if the cold reference is implying an agent with ice-related abilities or a winter-themed map. 

After the last patch notes dropped, data miners have discovered possible hints at a new agent. According to one data miner, the agent’s code name in the files is “Stealth.” This had them immediately thinking of an invisibility ability. Other leakers found more details on the possible agent, including a warning for other players that says, “Nearby stealth enemy.” 

It’s possible this stealth-based agent is Necro, a previously leaked agent. If the files are to be believed, the agent will be focused on invisibility. This makes it unlikely their focus is ice or weather-based abilities. It’s possible the latest Valorant tweet is instead referencing a snowy or winter map, although this still doesn’t quite explain the bench. 

For now, Valorant players will have to continue speculating on just what’s coming in Episode 1 Act 3. Developers have made it clear that each act will bring a new agent to the roster. But it’s not yet known what other updates will come to Valorant come October 5. 


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