Valorant developers tease new agent, discuss upcoming content

By Olivia Richman


Jul 1, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant has only been out for a month, but the game’s developers are already looking ahead to producing more content. 

In a Valorant developer diary, executive producer Anna Donlon addressed fans regarding the FPS’ launch. She explained that a game is never really done and that the player base will continuously find new things for the team to improve on. 

“It’s not like the team has moved on to the next big game. This is their big game and they’re all hard at work on a bunch of new things,” Donlon said. 

Riot working on new agents and maps for Valorant

According to Donlon, there’s already a plan set in place for upcoming agents and maps. She told fans that the current plan is to release a new agent with each Act, the game’s term for seasons. Valorant’s Acts last two months each. This translates to six new agents being added to Valorant every year. 

“This is a place where we will need a bit of flexibility. We are going to follow your cues on this. How many agents are too many? How many are too few? But right now six is the sweet spot so six is what we are following,” Donlon said. 

The developer diaries video also included a teaser for the next agent in the form of a silhouette. 

Valorant new agent

Valorant seasons separated into Episodes and Acts

Donlon explained that Valorant will also be seperated into six-month episodes. That means there will be three Acts per Episode. Donlon stated that the Episodes will give Riot a chance to make larger changes to the game, including new mechanics and maps. Episodes will also be where developers begin to share more of the new game’s lore. 

“Some of you are like, ‘Story? Who cares?’ Others are like ‘Why the heck is there a giant island floating in the sky? What are all these glowy boxes doing all over the place?'” Donlon said. “Some of you are already starting to piece it together, which is really cool to watch.” 

She noted that the first lore hints will be coming around Episode 2. 


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